Vodafone DND Activation Codes | Do Not Disturb De-Activation Procedure

Vodafone DND Activation Codes

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t get irritated while receiving unsought calls and SMS. So, if you are a Vodafone user, then the provider Vodafone DND Activation Codes are really useful for you. There are some set of instructions or Vodafone Do Not Disturb De-Activation Procedure which you need to follow to activate its settings.

Vodafone DND Activation Codes

If you prefer Vodafone do not disturb activation services, then you will be save from the unsolicited calls and texts especially from the telecom companies.  Well, this facility could not be possible without the immense efforts of TRAI i.e. telecom regulatory authority of India. Here, you will be viewing Vodafone DND activation procedure and de-activation process both. There are some specific DND activation codes for Vodafone users which are nicely presented below.

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Vodafone DND Activation Codes

Vodafone DND Sectors Vodafone DND Activation SMS Code
To block Banking, Insurance, Financial Products and Credit Cards related Calls and SMS SMS START 1 to 1909
To block Real Estate related Calls and SMS SMS START 2 to 1909
To block Educational related Calls and SMS SMS START 3 to 1909
To block Health-related Calls and SMS SMS START 4 to 1909
To block Consumer Goods and Automobiles related Calls and SMS SMS START 5 to 1909
To block Communication, IT, Entertainment, Broadcasting related Calls and SMS SMS START 6 to 1909
To block Tourism related Calls and SMS SMS START 7 to 1909


How To Activate Vodafone DND Service?

Send an SMS with the message Start 0 to 1909 OR Call Vodafone DND activation number 1909 and follow IVR instructions-

Here are the two categories you can use to register NCPR (DND) service:

  • Full Blocked Category (No calls, No SMS)

Full Blocked Category is for compete deactivation of all kinds of commercial Calls and SMS advertisement on your Vodafone mobile number

  • Partially Blocked Category (No calls, SMS on Selected Category)

If you think, that you get some good offers and ideas for some category of ads, and you don’t want SMS to get blocked of that category, then partially blocked category will be best to opt.

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To subscribe for partial block, follow the below:

Single Preference

  • SMS: START X to 1909 (Replace X with preference number)
  • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance

Multiple Preference

  • SMS: START X, X to 1909 (Replace X with preference number)
  • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance

You can send SMS in this format START<space><preference no> to 1909. There are 7 preference numbers you can choose from:

Category list Vodafone DND De-activation code
To Block Banking/Insurance/
Financial Products/Credit Cards Related Calls & SMS
STOP 1 to 1909
To Block Real Estate Calls & SMS STOP 2 to 1909
To Block Education Related Calls & SMS STOP 3 to 1909
To Block Health Related Calls & SMS STOP 4 to 1909
To Block Consumer Goods & Automobile Related Calls & SMS STOP 5 to 1909
To Block Communication/Broadcasting/
Entertainment/IT Related Calls & SMS
STOP 6 to 1909
To Block Tourism Related Calls & SMS STOP 7 to 1909


  • For example: If you send, START 1, 2 -> (to) 1909, will allow banking, finance and Real Estate SMS ads.For allowing multiple category Commercial SMS, write START <options>, <options>. That is option number separated by comma (“,”).
  • For example: If you Send, START 5 ->(to) 1909, Will allow Commercial SMS of only Consumer goods and automobiles, while other category be blocked.

You will get a Confirmation SMS with your unique registration number, after the call or SMS made by you to 1909.

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Points to Remember:

  • DND will never block any of your solicited communication like Bank alerts SMS, Bank communications, Ticket / online booking confirmations, etc.
  • Request made by you, on the National Customer Preference Register takes 7 days for the process and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you in 24 hours.
  • Also you may change your preferences at any time, after expiry of 3 months from the date of registration or 3 months from the date of last change request made

How To Deactivate Vodafone DND

You can deregister by calling to 1909 or sending a SMS: STOP DND to 1909.

Change current DND / NCPR preference

Stop current preference/s

  • SMS: STOP X to 1909 (Replace X with preference number)
  • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance

Add more preference/s

  • SMS: STOP X, X to 1909 (Replace X with preference number)
  • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance

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Since Vodafone is the second leading telecom network company with biggest 4g network services spread across India. Due to exiting offers and recharge packs deals, the number of Vodafone customer are increasing in great numbers. If you want to avoid the irritating voice calls and messages, then you are supposed to activate the DND services by following above instructions. You can activate Vodafone DND (Do Not Disturb) service by two methods and these methods are as follows: By Call Method &By SMS method.

For informative details about Vodafone DND activation codes, kindly check its Official Portal and share your feedback to us at customer-carenumber.com

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