Proactiv Customer Service Number- 800 Support/Helpline Phone Number

Proactiv Customer Service Number

Service Website Contact No.
Skin care products 0124 4784227, 1800 102 1849

Proactiv Customer Service NumberProactiv is US based cosmetic company which offers product for acne treatment. If you have any queries regarding the products or services offered by the company, please feel free to call at the Proactiv Customer Service Number and get it solved by the help of proactive customer service team. We would request you to make a call in working hrs on working days.

For any kind of information and support, kindly make use of the Proactiv Customer Service helpline Number to get in touch with customer service team. We have listed below 800 Support/Helpline Phone Number for user’s reference.

Proactive Customer Service Number 800-876-9717
For all new orders please call on Proactiv Customer Service Number 0800 557 337
For all existing orders, account enquiries, or general enquiries please call on Proactiv Customer Service number 0800 282 929


Proactiv Customer Service Number

Cities Proactiv Customer Service Number Address
Gurgaon 1800 102 1849 Gurgaon, India
New Delhi 011-47771112-16 16 Office At Second Floor, Building: Administrative Building
Place: NSIC Technical Services Centre, Okhla Industrial Estate Phase

Proactiv kit consist of three parts include a cleanser, toner and as an antibacterial agent to kill the acne causing bacteria. It also offers SPF 30 sunscreen protective lotion, whitening system and green tea moisturizer. Proactiv is very much unique from the other products and are specially produced to fight the skin problems like acne, black heads, white heads, etc. The ingredients such as Allantoin, and Aloe Vera are used in proactive creams to make the skin beautiful, fresh and Smooth.

Proactiv offers wide range of products to its customers for their skin care. Acne creams, sunscreens, face mask, Proactiv Core Kit, Daily Protection Sunscreen, Green Tea Moisturizer, etc are some of the products offered by the Proactive.  The Proactive product is recommended by most of the dermatologists and can be used by women, men as well as teenagers across the world.

Proactiv is a medicine that prevents acne problems. Proactiv products were first made in 1995. Proactiv Remedy has been assisting people all over the world in working with pimples and acne relevant problems, successfully. Its products are designed by United States qualified skin experts. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan launched the Proactiv Solution.

Proactiv Address:

Post Box 11448, Des Moines,

Iowa United States

You can alternatively mail to the following email id to register your concerns and queries.

Email id: [email protected]

Social Networking Platforms:

Proactiv allows you to access their social platform to get latest update and information of the company. It is available on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google +.

  • Facebook:
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  • YouTube:
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Fact Line: In every year close to $12 to $15 million is used on marketing of proactiv. It hires celebrities for marketing purpose.

Note: To know regarding the other products offered visit the Official website.

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