Uninor/Telenor DND Service Activation Code – Do Not Disturb Free Number

Uninor/Telenor DND Service Activation Code

Uninor/Telenor DND Service Activation CodeTelecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) set up National Customer Preference Register (NCPR, also called as Do Not Disturb, DND) Registry to cut back the unsolicited Commercial calls. By activating this service uninor subscriber does not receive any call /message, through their telecom operator promoting any commercial transaction for goods, investments or services. Given below is the Uninor/Telenor DND Service Activation Code which a uninor Customer can use who wants to stop receiving unnecessary Call and SMS on their number for free.

Uninor/Telenor DND Service Activation Code

To Activate By SMS (Toll Free): Type START 0 and send to 1909

To Activate by call (Toll Free): call 1909 and follow IVR guidance

To deactivate By SMS (Toll Free): Type STOP DND and send to 1909

DND options

Here are the two ways one can use to block unsolicited ads:

  • Full Blocking (No calls, No SMS):

All commercial Calls and SMS advertisement will be blocked

  • Partial Blocking (No calls, SMS on Selected Category):

Subscriber now will also be able to opt for partially blocked mode, which will allow receiving promotions for some categories like real estate, education, finance, entertainment, health and tourism etc. This category list will be now called as National Customer Preference Register (NCPR). So if you want to receive messages relating to only Banking products, then send SMS “START 1” to 1909. Similarly, for receiving messages relating to Health and consumer goods, send SMS “START 4,5” to 1909. Once changed, preference cannot be changed for next 3 months

Option code for each category is provided below in Table:



Category list  SMS to Send
 1.  Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit Cards  START 1
 2.  Real Estate  START 2
 3.  Education  START 3
 4.  Health  START 4
 5.  Consumer Goods  START 5
6.  Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT  START 6
 7.  Tourism  START 7

Request made by you, on the National Customer Preference Register will be effective in 7 days from the date of request made. Also you may change your preferences at any time, after expiry of 3 months from the date of registration or 3 months from the date of last change request made.

Customers can also apply for Uninor/Telenor DND Service Activation Code through online mode. By just filling up and on submitting the form provided by your Service provider, you will receive a SMS confirming the request with the unique registration number and preference choice made by you.


Customers can also acquire Uninor/Telenor DND Service Activation Code from the Official Website

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