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Paypal Customer Care Number

Are you Unable to use Paypal? Directly contact on Paypal Customer Care Number within customer service hours to get quick possible solutions.

If your problems has not be resolved through Paypal toll free number 1800 419 9833, then you can chat with the executives of company. Paypal customer service is very amazing and appreciating by the users.


Paypal Customer Care Number


Paypal Customer Care Number 1800 212 3852, 1-888-221-1161
Paypal Toll Free Number 1800 419 9833
Paypal Customer Care Email Id [email protected]


Paypal Customer Service FAQ’s

Commonly Asked Queries By Customers

Paypal Claims And Limitations FAQ’s

My Account Related Queries

Paypal Product And Services Questions


Paypal Customer Care Helpline Number

  • Paypal Customer Care Toll Free No: 1800 419 9833
  • Paypal customer service telephone number: 1800 212 3852
  • Paypal Toll Free Number: 1-888-221-1161
  • Paypal customer support number united states: 1-402-935-2050(if calling from outside the U.S.)


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Paypal International Customer Service Number

Countries Paypal Customer Service Phone Number
Paypal Customer Service Number Germany 0800 723 4500
Paypal Customer Service Phone Number Australia
  • 1-800-073-263
  • 0800 8866 8310
  • (02) 8223 9500 (Australian Toll Rates Apply)
Paypal Customer Care Number United Kingdom 0800 358 7911
Paypal Customer Service Direct Number Switzerland
  • 0800721133 (For German)
  • 0800721144 (For French)
Paypal Customer Service Contact Number China 400-921-1000 & +86-21-2891-3888
Paypal Customer Care Number Toll Free India 1-800-212-3852
Paypal Customer Service No Thailand +65 6590 5502
Paypal Customer Service Contact Number Japan
  • 0120-271-888 & 03-6739-7360
  • 03-6739-7135 (Call Charges Apply)
Paypal Customer Service Malaysia Contact Number +60-3-77237155
Paypal Customer Service telephone Number Nepal 65-6510-4584
Paypal Customer Service contact number Singapore 65-6510-4650
Paypal Customer Care No United States
  • 0508 257 434
  • 1-402-935-2050 (If Calling From Outside The U.S.)
Paypal Customer Care Number In Canada 1 877 569-1116
Paypal Customer Care Helpline No Mexico 01-800-925-0308
Paypal Customer Support Telephone Number Egypt +1 402 935 2218
Paypal Customer Care Number In Brazil
  • SAC: 0800 047 4482
  • Impaired Hearing /Speech: 0800 729 7252
Paypal Customer Service Representative Number Sri Lanka 65-6510-4584


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Paypal Customer Care Email Address


Press Here >> Contact Paypal Customer Support


Paypal Social Networking Sites


Frequently Asked Queries


Paypal Customer Service FAQ’s


Ques 1: How to contact with Paypal customer service executives about a refund?

Ans: Check the transactions details page and press on issues refund. Within short time duration only, you will receive the refund and get the notification.


Ques 2: How do I talk to a human at Paypal?

Ans: All you need to do is to dial Paypal customer care number 1-888-221-1161 to speak with live person available at the Paypal customer support help department.If you’re calling outside of USA you can use 1-402-935-2050 phone number. You can reach a live person during business hours which are from 5am to 10pm Monday through Friday and from 6am to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.


Ques 3: How to call on Paypal customer service?

Ans: Well, there are so many ways through which you can contact Paypal customer care department but the Paypal toll free number is one of the easy way.


Ques 4: What are Paypal customer service hours?

Ans: Paypal Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


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Commonly Asked Queries By Customers


Ques 1: Where Can I Find Paypal SSL Server Certificates?

Ans: If you want new certificates for the application and system keystore, you have to press on download tab from the below given locations: if still you don’t find the certificate, then hassle free call at Paypal customer care number.

  • Paypal Live Site
  • Paypal Sandbox
  • Payflow Gateway/Pilot


Ques 2: Why Do I Need To Use Two Different Domains?

Ans: You can use some Log in with Paypal calls which made to and others are sent to Browser calls (authorize and endsession) come to and back-end calls (tokenservice and userinfo) come to


Ques 3: Will Seamless Checkout Work With Open ID?

Ans: No, Seamless Checkout work is available with Open ID Connect, for more queries contact Paypal customer support 24/7 number.


Ques 4: What Are The NVP/SOAP (Classic) APIS?


  • NVP/SOAP (Classic) APIs are consists of a number of our existing solutions which includes:
  • Mass Pay
  • Invoicing
  • Express Checkout
  • Adaptive Accounts
  • Website Payments Pro
  • Mobile Express Checkout
  • Paypal Payments Standard
  • Paypal Payments Advanced
  • Instant Payment Notification
  • Payflow Gateway / Paypal Payments Pro


Ques 5: Why Do I Need To Log In With My Paypal Account?

Ans: Those customers want Paypal support; company can check your activity on the Development site and assist you faster than before.Those changes which make to personal details in one account appear in the other account.


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Paypal Claims And Limitations FAQ’s


Ques 1: If the issues have not been sorted out, can I close the Paypal dispute?


  • You can close the dispute only if you have received the solution of your issues and proper satisfied with the seller.
  • What is the suitable way to issue a refund to end the Paypal dispute filed against me?
  • Go to Activity option and select the payment that you want to refund.
  • Now enter the amount of refund and confirm the refund amount details.


My Account Related Queries


Ques 1: Will the foreign shipping address is valid in Paypal account?

Ans: No, you cannot add the foreign shipping address in your profile. For more details, contact on Paypal customer care number toll free.


Ques 2: What is the process to view or edit my account information?

Ans: Go to settings options given at the website and easily edit your personal details like email id, mobile number, mailing address etc.


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Paypal Product And Services


Ques 1: How to download Paypal mobile app?

Ans: The android and iPhone users can download the Paypal app in the app store or Google play store and get it install for proper usages.


Ques 2: In what way I can use Cashback with my Paypal India account?

Ans: Check the latest deals of Paypal Cashback given at the official website and follow the conditions to use the Cashback.


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About Paypal Services

Paypal’s services allow people to make financial transactions online by granting the ability to transfer funds electronically between individuals and businesses. Being the leading payment company across the nation, Paypal has spread its working network at the level where it is able to serve online vendors, commercial users, auction web portals and such other internet companies.

Paypal makes it possible for people from all around the world to purchase and sell off through Internet and use a secured method that is safe and efficient for moving money in exchange for goods. It may also charge the fee for receiving money.

The fee only depends on the currency used, payment option used and the country of the sender. Paypal allows customers to send, receive and hold funds in 26 currencies worldwide. These currencies are euro, pound, sterling, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, etc.

For the usage of its facilities, dial Paypal customer care number or you may check the Official Website. Keep sharing your feedback to us at


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