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UPPCL Customer Care

The placed here UPPCL Customer Care number is the support system by the help of which you can communicate with the organizational service team. UPPCL i.e. Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited is a Lucknow based power generation and Distribution Corporation. The organization wishes to provide cost effective power services to all sectors.

It supply cost efficient and highly remarkable electricity services to all cities of Uttar Pradesh. The organization also gives the online services support also to the customers like online payment of electricity bills, registration for new connection, queries form, tariff details, reporting for power failure etc. For payment of bill, you need to get yourself register online.

UPPCL Customer Care No

UP Power Corporation Limited is attaining good response and appreciation from worldwide. There are separate UPPCL customer care toll free number 1800-180-8752for reporting of electricity failure that are given according to discom throughout at this web page designed by customer-carenumber.com

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UPPCL Customer Care Number

  • Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited Customer Care Number: 1800-180-8752
  • UPPCL Official Website: www.uppclonline.com, upenergy.in/uppcl

UPPCL Toll Free Numbers to report power failure

For contacting the executives of Pashchimanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited, Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited, Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited and Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited you can check these given toll free numbers-

Discom Name UPPCL Customer Care Number
Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited 1800-180-0440
Pashchimanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited 1800-180-3002
Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited 1800-180-3023
Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited 1800-180-5025
Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited 1800-180-8752


UPPCL Contact Numbers

Designation Name Office Residence UPPCL Customer Care Email-ID
CHAIRMAN UPPCL Shri Alok Kumar (IAS) 2287827/ Rax-8701 2287785 (f) [email protected]
MD UPPCL Ms Aparna U (IAS) 2288377 /Rax-8708 2288410(f) [email protected]
Director (Commercial) Ms Aparna U (IAS) 2287806  Rax-8601 [email protected]
Director (P.M. & Admn) Sri Satya Prakash Pandey 2287787  Rax-8717 2287789 (f) [email protected]
Director (F&A) Er. Sudhanshu Dwivedi 2287805  Rax-8720 2287798(f) [email protected]
Director (Distribution) Sri Vijay Kumar 2287804 Rax-8715 2287824(f) [email protected]
Director (Corporate Planning) Sri V.P. Srivastav 2218611 Rax-8611 [email protected]
Director (SLDC) Sri Ram Swarath 9415311502 [email protected]
Chairman (Vidyut Seva Ayog) Sri A.K. Porwar 2782006 [email protected]
Executive Director (Planning) Sri A.H. Khan 2287867 [email protected]
GM (Finance) Sri A K Gupta Rax-8306 9415608151 [email protected]
Staff Officer to Chairman Sri R K Jain 2287811-Rax-8710 [email protected]
Staff Officer to MD Sri A.K. Singh Rax-8707
CE (Power System) Sri Ajay Chauhan 2287879 2331380 [email protected]
CE (CMUD) Sri V K Sing 2218414 9415006206 [email protected]
Add. Secty. (P&M-1) Sri Pavendra Sharma 2286456 [email protected]
Add. Secty. (P&M-2) Sri Vineet Kumar 2288007 / 2288743(f) 2320650 / [email protected]
Add. Secty. (P&M-3) & First Appellate Officer Sri S.J. Ali Qazmi (JS) Rax 8331 2287704 [email protected]
Secty. (Vidyut Seva Ayog) Sri J.P.S. Gangwar 2328252 2353343 [email protected]
C.E (C&C) Sri Gyan Prakash 2288097 2431735 [email protected]
CE (Hydel) Sri Satyanand Dixit 2288656 Rax 8281 2717565 [email protected]
CE (APDRP) Advisor Sri A K Srivastava 2218349 9415046269 [email protected]
CE (PPA) Sri Vinay Prakash
2287846 2716144 [email protected]
CE (Enquiry Committee) Sri Alok Kumar 2328252 2287037 [email protected]
CE (Planning) Sri Vjay Saluja 2287867 2304470 [email protected]
C.E. / S.E.  (Computerisation) Sri A.P. Singh Rax8681,8855 2287525 [email protected]
C.E (Commercial)-I Sri Arvind Kumar Pathak Rax 8341,  2287869 2418027 [email protected]
C.E. (Commercial)-II Sri S.K. Gupta Rax-
CE (D&P) Sri A S Prasad 2287872 2325902 [email protected]
CE (765KV & 400KV Transmission Design) Sri C M Mathur Rax 8664
CE (CMUT) Sri R P Jaiswal Rax 8695
CE (RAU) Sri Neeraj  Agarwal 2287842 2462744 [email protected]
CE (RAU) Advisor Sri Mohd. Gufran 2287842 2462744 [email protected]
CE Civil-I Sri R K Singh 2349626 2347125 [email protected]
CE Civil-II Sri Rajeev Sachan 2218584 9415006467 [email protected]
Executive Director (RESPO) Sri Ayush Kumar 2287733 2326286 [email protected]
Director General (ETI) Sri Mohit Arya 2476347
Director (ETI) Sri Anil Kumar 2476347 [email protected]
JS EM01 Sri Amrendu  2287826 9415608160 [email protected]
JS EM02 Sri Indramani 2287813 [email protected]
JS (H/Q) Md. Arsad Husain Azmi 2287812 9935513551 [email protected]
JS (AQ) Sri Atul Kumar Rax 8419 9415608158 [email protected]
JS (DP) Sri V P Singh 2287810 941522078 [email protected]
JS (KVN) Sri Gayatri Rastogi Rax- 8430 [email protected]
JS (T&MPI) Sri R.K. Gupta Rax 8622  9415608172 [email protected]
JS (N.G.) Rax 8232 9453005824 [email protected]
JS (Works) Sri R.K. Gupta Rax 8419 2340716 [email protected]
GM (IR) Sri Kaushal Chand Saxena 2287814 2471669 [email protected]
D.G.M. (IR) Sri Pradeep Kumar Rax 8462 9453007402 [email protected]
Secretary (Trust) Sri Tauqeer Kumar 2288187 [email protected]
Dy. Secretary (Trust) Sri N. K. Gupta 2288195 [email protected]
EE (A) CE (C&C) Sri Vishal Sonkar Rax – 8407 9415311811
DS- 2A Sri AK Rai Rax-8416 9453005825 [email protected]
DS (T&MPI) Sri R K Gupta Rax -8220/8328 2394335 [email protected]
DS- 07 Sri Rajendra Kumar Verma Rax- 9454468980 [email protected]
DS- 03/04 Sri HimansuVasneya Rax-8612 9415608186 [email protected]
DS- 2B Sri Sadanand Rax-8416 9453005816 [email protected]
DS (WORKS) Sri R K Srivastava Rax-8327 9415608159 [email protected]
DS (Gopan) Sri S P Singh Rax-8518 9453005850 [email protected]
DS -5B Sri Aditya Saxena Rax-8118 [email protected]
DS.(05E) Sri Sanjeev Kumar 9415220972 2394544 [email protected]
Public Information Officer Sri Deepak Srivastava Rax 8329 9454468991 [email protected]
CMO Dr. Rajeev Chaturvedi 9415104673 2207904 [email protected]
PRO Ms. Sadhna Wal 2218226(O) [email protected]
PRO Sri K K Singh 0522-2288960 9415901139 [email protected]
Chief Sports Officer Sri Sanjeev Kapoor 2218219 9415000684 [email protected]
EE (Pension Cell EMU Shakti Bhawan) Sri Vishwa Deep Ambardar Rax-8157 9415114075 [email protected]
E E (H/Q) Sri Ashish Sinha Rax-8158 2218158 [email protected]
A E (H/Q) (Shakti Bhawan) Sri Shailendra Kumar 2287701-Rax-8218 9415019905 [email protected]
Care Taker (Shakti Bhawan) Sri Rahul Maurya 2287701-Rax-8222 9415114077 [email protected]
Shakti Bhawan Exchange Lucknow Lucknow  2218222 / Rax-8222
SLDC System Control , Lucknow 2287819 / 2287890
E E (Civil) Shakti Bhawan Sri Narendra Kumar panday 228585 / Rax-8585
Field Hostel Lucknow  Lucknow  2206119
Vigilence & Enforcement
ADG (Vig) Sri G P Sharma Rax-8759 / 2287875 9415019538 [email protected]
SP (Vig) Sri Mh. Nizam Hasan 2286107 9415114082 [email protected]
DIG (Enforce) Sri Onkar Singh 2208525 9454400330 [email protected]
Law Officer Sri Chandroday Kumar HJS 2287802 [email protected]
Dy Law Officer Sri Lal Singh 2288407 2310862 [email protected]


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UPPCL Official Links

UPPCL Customer Care Number

Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. Contact List

Searchers of Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. Contact List need to check below as we are providing the entire details in tabular form here. You can check the name, post, contact numbers and email address also.

Employee Name Post UPPCL Customer Care Number
Er. S.V.S. Rathore MD 9412748000
Shri Devendra K. Agarwal Dir. (Finance) (Addl Charge) 9412748177
Er. S.C.Bharti Dir. (Technical) 9412748005
Er. S.V.S.Rathore Dir. (Commercial) 9412748203
Er. N.C.Agarwal Dir. (P & A) 9412748200
Shri Devendra K. Agarwal GM (Finance) 9412748148
Er. Vijay Kumar CE (Comm/RAPDRP) 9412748206
Er K KBharadwaj CE (MM & RGGVY) 9412748077
Er Devendra Singh CE (Admin) 9412748019
Er. Pramod Kumar CE (Technical) 9412748166
Er Shiv Bandhu Mittal SE ( RAPDRP) 9412748001
Er A K Verma SE (Store) 9412748164
Er. Shesh Kumar Baghel SE (Equator/Staff Officer) 9412748008
Er Gajendra Gupta SE (MM 1) 9412748204
Er PradeepKhatri SE (MM 2) 9412748218
Er N K Mishra SE (Raids & Investigation) 9412748006
Er. Shalendra Kumar SE (VIP & RTI) 9412748001
Shri D K Rastogi DGM (Finance) 9412748050
Er. A K Rawal SE (Workshop) 9412748194
Er. Ashok Kaim EE (Admin 1) 9412748122
Er. PankajKela EE (Admin 2) 9412748003
Er. Ashok Kumar EE (MM) 9412748098
Er. S K Gupta EE (MM) 9412748700
Er. Praveen Kumar EE (MM) 9412748023
Er. Om Prakash EE (R-APDRP Part-A) 9412748100
ErLokesh Kumar EE (Commercial) 9412748769
ErNaresh Bharti EE (Commercial) 9412748021
Er. Jitendra Kumar EE (VIP) 9412748150
Er. Rajesh Kumar EE(RTI) 9412748167
Er. Pravesh Kumar EE(Technical) 9412748191
Er. Bhupendra Kumar EE(Technical) 9412748151
Shri Praveen Yadav ALO 9412748367
Shri Ram Mohan Singh S P (Vigilance) 9412748193
Er. AnuragSaraswat JE (Head Quarter) 9412748128


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Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited Customer Numbers

For the searchers of Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited Customer Numbers we are providing the customer care service numbers in tabular form on this page. You need to move your cursor down for watching that.

Employee Name Office Name UPPCL Contact No
Satya Prakash Pandey MISCELLANEOUS 9415911111
RAKESH KUMAR Finance 9415900132
S.C. Gupta Commercial 8004913094
S.K. Verma Technical 9415922222
V.P. Verma Parliament & Affair 9415902010
A.k. kohali Commercial 8005488768
D.K. Garg RGGVY 8005489862
S.C. Mishra Civil 8005489483
V S Srivastava MM 9415903244
V.k. Sharma RAPDRP 8004910837
V.P.C. Saxena Parliament & Affair 9415311232
Ashok Kumar Faizabad 9450504000
Ashutosh Kumar Lucknow 9415901234
Harsh Munshi Devi Patan 9415901510
Hasan Sahee RGGVY 8004922181
Raj Kumar Agrawal Bareilly 9415901630
I.M. Kaushal Finance 9415901111
A.K. Singh Commercial 8005495145
A.K. Srivastava Lucknow 9415901224


Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited Head Office Contact Numbers

Customers can check Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam limited Head Office Contact Numbers as per their choice and comfort. You can call on these given numbers and get the solution of your every query.

Designation Name of Officer UPPCL Office Phone No.
Managing Director Sri Anil Kumar 0542-2318437 / 0542-2318348
Director (Technical) Sri Anil Kumar 0542-2322585
Director (Finance) Sri Anil Awasthi 0542-2300117
Director ( P & A ) Sri R K Verma 0542-2300101
Director (Commercial) Sri MohitArya 0542-2300509
Company Secretary Sri S C Tiwari 0542-2300907
CE (COM) Sri A R Verma 0542-2300509
OSD Sri Surendra Prasad 0542-2318437
CE (HR & Administration, MM) Sri Dinesh Kumar Singh
Chief Engineer (Vision-2016, RGGVY, DDUGJY) Sri Chandrajeet 0542-2319148
SE (Administration) Sri L B Sharma 0542-2318328
SE (Planning) Sri P K Singh 0542-2319148
SE (Commercial) Sri PradumanTripathi 0542-2300509
SE (Technical) Sri R C Sharma 0542-2319148
SE ( Technical) Sri Mukesh Kumar 0542-2319148
SE (RGGVY) Sri P K Singh
SE (RAPDRP) Sri. G D Singh 0542-2319148
SE (MM) Sri S K Bharti 0542-2319148
GM (Account) Sri Subodh Kumar Shukla 0542-2300118
DGM (Finance) Sri. R. S. Prasad 0542-2300118
Executive Engineer (Admin/DP/HQ) Sri Ram Bali Prasad 0542-2300907
Executive Engineer(Commercial) Sri Ajeet Kumar 0542-2300509
Executive Engineer(Commercial) Sri. Subhash Chandra 0542-2300509
Advisor (Development Work) Sri S C Tripathi 0542-2319148
Executive Engineer (DDUGJY) Sri Hari Shankar 0542-2300509
Executive Engineer (Planning -I) Sri Ram Chandra 0542-2319148
Executive Engineer (MM) Sri V P Singh 0542-2300543
Executive Engineer (MM) Sri B K Mishra 0542-2300543
Executive Engineer (Planning) Sri Sanjeev Kumar 0542-2300543
Executive Engineer (MM) Sri R D Singh 0542-2300543
Executive Engineer (RGGVY) 0542-2319148
Executive Engineer (Planning) Sri R B Chaudhary 80049306542
Executive Engineer (DDUGJY) Sri Hari Shankar 9453047550
PRO Sri Rakesh Sinha 0542-2316546
ALO/SPO Sri Tribhuwan Joshi 0542-2322921


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Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited Zone Wise Customer Care Number

We are offering you zone wise Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam limited Contact Numbers also. You can contact the locators of Allahabad, Azamgarh, Basti, Gorakhpur, Mirzapur and Varanasi Zone.

Allahabad Zone

Name Of Officers & Designation UPPCL Customer Care Telephone Number
S C Jha, C.E. 9450964444
V K Rajpoot, E.E. (Attach) 9450963674
Tariq Jaleel 9450963683
Pankaj Mishra, CGRF. (Attach) 8004930603
Shailendra Kumar, S.E. 9415223000
P K Sonker, E.E. 9450963655
Vinod Singh,  E.E. 9450963660
ManojAgarwal, E.E. 9450963654
Rajesh Kumar, E.E.(Test) 9450963656
RamakantYadav, E.E. 8004927092
Ratnesh Kumar, S.E. 8004926143
G C Yadav, E.E. 8004925856
A K Singh,  E.E. 9450963653
B K Saxena, E.E. 8004926162
Abhishek Kumar, E.E.(Test) 8004922426
B K Saxena(Ad Charge), E.E. 8004926162
V B Rai, S.E. 9415224000
Niranjan Kumar, E.E. 9450963679
PrabhakarPandey, E.E. 9450963681
Shankar Shahi, E.E 8004930341
B K Singh, E.E.(Test) 9450963698
R N Singh, S.E. 9415343456
V K Chaudhary, EE 9450963713
Saroj Kumar, E.E. 9450963682
Ramnayan Singh, E.E 9415900591
R W Pal, E.E. 9450963657
Rajeev Kumar, S.E. 9415225000
Ram Sevak Ram, E.E. 9450963702
Ashok Kumar, E.E. 9450963684
Ram Kunjan, E.E.(Test) 9450963705
B K Chaudhary, S.E. 8004932162
S P Mishra, E.E. 9450963703
O P Mishra, E.E. 9450963894
O P Mishra, E.E. 9450963894
Ram Kunjan, E.E.(Test) 9450963705
A K Pathak, S.E. 9415204444 / 9450963678
RD Sonker, E.E. 9450963895


Azamgarh Zone 

Name Of Officers UPPCL Mobile Number
P P Singh,  C.E. 9415801234
A K Gupta, S.E 8004932060
M L Rajak, E.E.(Attach) 8004932062
Dhananjay Kumar Singh, S.E. 9415227000
Dheeraj SInha, E.E. 9450963729
A H Khan, E.E. 9450963731
M K Nishad, E.E. 9450963728
A H Khan, E.E. 9450963731
Ravi Pratap, E.E.(Test) 9450963730
Manish Agarwal, S.E. 9415228000
BrijrajYadav, E.E. 9450963753
Manoj Kumar, E.E. 9450963744
Ram Pal, E.E. 9450963799
Shiva Lal, E.E.(Test) 9450963745
A K Mishra, S.E. 8004932174
Ram Asare Prasad, E.E. 9450963746
Brijesh Kumar, E.E. 9450963747
R K Bharti, E.E 8004931737
O P Ram, E.E.(Test) 8004932168
R R Singh, S.E. 9450963533
Hans Raj Kaushal, A.E. 9453047797


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Basti Zone

Name Of Officers UPPCL Customer Care Toll Free Number
C. P Gupta, C.E. 9450963898
Brijan Prasad, E.E (Attach) 9450963823
Nisar Ahmad, S.E 9415204000
A K Singh, E.E. 9450963800
V K Mishra,  E.E. 9450963801
B L Singh, E.E. 8004925878
Amar Singh, E.E.(Test) 9450963804
A K Rai, S.E 8004931720
Ghanshayam Mishra, E.E. 9450963843
R B Sharma, E.E. 8004925845
S K Singh, E.E. 9450963802
Ram Murat Ram, E.E.(Test) 8004360338
K L Srivastava, S.E. 8004930681
A K Chaudhary, E.E. 9450963778


Gorakhpur Zone

Name Of Officers UPPCL Contact Number
A K Singh, C.E. 9415343333
S K Singh, S.E. (Attach) 9450963767
A K Singh, E.E. (CBSC) 9450963851
Awdesh Kumar Singh, S.E. 9415203000
Dharmesh Kumar Lal, E.E. 9450963769
R C Pandey,  E.E. 9450963785
Sanjay Yadav, E.E. 9450963828
Ashok Kumar, E.E. (Test) 9450963787
N K Srivastava, S. E. 9415201000
M K Goyal, E.E. 9450963846


Mirzapur Zone

Name Of Officers Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd Customer Care Number
A K Rai, CE 9450963509
U G Ansari S.E.(Attach) 8004927077
Hawaldar Rawat, EE (Attach) 8004927091
A K Singh, S.E. 9415304000
Anil Kumar Singh, E.E. 9450963597
Y N Ram, E.E. 9450963598
Ran Vijay Singh, E.E. 9450963514
Ram Naresh E.E. (Test) 9450963619
S K Singh, S.E. 8004932072
Balak Ram, E.E. 9450963601
Awdesh Paswan, E.E. 9450963893
Ram Kumar E.E. (Test) 9450963526
S C Yadav S.E. 9450964000
U C Mishra, E.E. 9450963600
Lakshami Shankar, E.E. 9450963555
Shiv Kumar Saroj, E.E. (Test) 9450963526
Girisha Kumar, S.E. 9450963764
M K Yadav, E. E. 9450963803


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Varanasi Zone

Name Of Officers UPPCL Customer Care No
Ashwani Kumar Srvastava, C.E. 9415301234
B R Sinha, S.E. (Attach) 9450963595
Kamlaksh Narayan, S.E. (Attach) 8004930480
Chandra Bali 8004932061
Ashish Asthana, S.E. 9415302000
D K Tripathi, E.E. 9450963559
R. K. Yadav,  E.E. 9450963560
Mano jAgarwal, E.E. 9450963561
U. K. Singh, E.E. 9450963563
Deepak Kumar, EE 9450963579
Anil Verma, S.E. 9450963850
M K Gupta, E.E. 9450963578
N K Mishra E.E. 9450963580
D K Dohre, EE 9450963577
Rajesh Kumar, EE 9450963581
Rajesh Kumar, EE 9450963562
Vikas Kapoor, S.E. 8004927071
A K Lal, E.E. 9450963529
L P Chakravedi,  E.E. 9450963530
Ram Kumar, E.E. 9450963531
A S Raghuvanshi, EE 9453043501
Subhendu Shah, EE 9450963535
Jeevan Prakash, EE 9450963537
R R Prasad, S.E. 9450963517
A K Singh, E.E. 9450963534
Sanjeev K Singh,  E.E. 9450963532
Abhisek Yadav, E.E. 9450963500
S N Maurya, E.E. (Test) 9450960895
Ashok Kumar Mishra, S.E. 9415221000
Binod Gupta,  E.E. 9450963622
Brij Bhan Singh, E.E. 9450963623
S K Sanoriya, E.E. 9450963624
Vinod K Gupta, E.E. 8004924672
V C Kumar, E.E. (Test) 9450963637
R C Sharma, S.E. 9415222000
Visnu Dayal, EE 9450963642


Uttar Pradesh Power Corporate Limited Government Contact Numbers

We are offering you to the contact numbers of government locators here also. You can check the post name and the executive name then call the required number comfortably.

Name Post UPPCL Customer Care Number Toll Free
Smt. Sudha Mishra Special Secretary, UrjaVibhag 0522-2239524
Sri Mohd. Maroof Deputy Secretary, Urja Section-1 & Urja Niji Nivesh Prakosth 0522-2214510
Sri Munindra Kumar Deputy Secretary,  Urja Section-2 0522-2214584
Sri Devi Prasad Deputy Secretary, Urja Section-3 0522-2214510


Press Here For UPPCL Contact Details

UPPCL Head Office Phone Numbers

For contacting the chief executives or locators of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited you can call on these below stated contact numbers which can help you better. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead!!

  • UPPCL helpline no: +91-522-2287701
  • UP power corporation limited customer care number: +91-522-2287703
  • UPPCL contact number: 0522 2287525

UPPCL Head Office Address

Here you can check the head office address of the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited which can assist you better from come out the queries. You can visit to the office and meet the executive

UP Power Corporation Limited Shakti Bhawan,

14, Ashok Marg, Lucknow, UP, India

UPPCL Kanpur Corporate Office Address

If you want to reach the corporate office of the Kanpur Electricity Supply Company Limited then you can check the below stated details. So have a look as soon as possible!!

Kanpur Electricity Supply Company Limited

Headquarter, Kesa House,

14/71Civil Lines, Kanpur

24 Hours Service

Call Center No.1912

  • Room – 0512-2540505

UPPCL Office Address

Shakti Bhawan 14 Ashok Marg,

UPPCL customer care Lucknow, 0522 2287525

UPPCL Customer Care Email Id

Here are email addresses provided by our team and you can contact with the locators through online mode with its help easily, so don’t move here and there just move your cursor down!!

Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to register Online?

To register online you have to visit our website www.UPPCLonline.com. For registration you should know your Account ID printed in the Bill provided by us and the Bill number as printed in the Bill. Press on the Register Button on the home page and enter your Account ID and Bill ID. You will be displayed with your details.

Validate your details and enter your email address, Mobile number, password, secret question and secret answer. On submitting you would be send a confirmation mail to your mail id. Press on the link in the mail and login to activate your account. On successful activation your online registration would complete.

Q2. Where I can pay my bills?

You can pay your Utility Bills from following points

  • Web Self Service at www.uppclonline.com
  • Collection Centers
  • Customer Care Centers
  • KIOSK installed at various Customer Care Centers

About UPPCL Customer Care

UPPCL will be professionally supervise utility supplying reliable and cost efficient electricity to every citizen of the state through highly motivated employees and state of art technologies, providing an economic return to our owners and maintaining leadership in the country.

The total loss of the UP Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) is estimated somewhere between Rs 29,000 crore to 55,000 crore. Thus UPPCL is finding it hard to make payment to state, central and other private power companies against electricity procurement.

The organization achieve everything by being a dynamic, forward looking, reliable, safe and trustworthy organization, sensitive to our customers interests, profitable and sustainable in the long run, providing uninterrupted supply of quality power, with transparency and integrity in operation.

So, that’s all about UPPCL customer care number, for attaining more details, you can check the official link.

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