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Dr Lal Path Lab Customer Care Number

To book free test from a top most pathology of India, contact Dr Lal Path Lab Customer Care Number. This lab offers you a platform where multiple kind of body test can be performed in easy and quick manner.

If you are facing trouble in finding a lab, then please contact on Dr Lal Path Lab Customer Care toll free number 24/7. You can also search the specific test online through its specialty. All the details concerning Dr Lal Path Lab helpline number are mention here.


Dr Lal Path Lab Customer Care Number

  • Dr Lal Path Lab Contact Number: 0121-3988505
  • Dr Lal Path Labs Customer Care Number: 0591-3988505, +91-124-3016-500
  • Dr Lal Path Lab Toll Free Number: 011-3988-5050


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Dr Lal Path Lab Test Details

Test Type Test Code Investigation
MRI MR001 MRI Brain
MR002 MRI Brain with Contrast
MR003 MRI Cervical
MR004 MRI Cervical with contrast
MR005 MR Angiography one anatomical
MR006 MR Angiography one anatomical with contrast
MR007 MRI- Faciomaxillary region (FACE + Neck)
MR049 MRI- Faciomaxillary region (FACE + Neck) with Contrast
MR008 MR Tractography
MR009 Functional MRI (one activity)
MR010 MRI Brain + FMRI one activity
MR011 MRI Spectroscopy of Brain
MR012 MRI Brain + Diffusion + Perfusion
MR013 MRI Brain + Diffusion + Perfusion,  contrast added
MR014 MRI Upper abdomen
MR050 MRI Upper abdomen Contrast
MR015 MRI Pelvis / Lower abdomen
MR051 MRI Pelvis / Lower abdomen Contrast
MR016 MR Urography
MR017 MRI Whole abdomen
MR053 MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast
MR018 MRI Breast Single
MR054 MRI Breast Single with Contrast
MR019 MRI Breast Both
MR055 MRI Breast Both with Contrast
MR021 MRI Brachial / Lumbar Plexus
MR022 MRI Brachial / Lumbar Plexus, contrast added
MR023 MRI Prostate
MR056 MRI Prostate Contrast
MR024 MRI Sella
MR025 MRI Sella, contrast added
MR026 MRI Fistulogram
MR027 MRI 3D Fiesta for CP angle+ MRI Brain
MR028 Oncology Survey
MR029 Contrast Charge
MR030 Diffusion Charge
MR031 Screening (One part )
CD charge
MR033 Anaesthsia Charge (one study) for MRI
MR034 MRI Arthrogram with contrast
MR035 MRI Cervico Dorsal
MR042 MRI Cervico Dorsal with Contrast
MR036 MRI Dorsal Spine
MR043 MRI Dorsal Spine with Contrast
MR037 MRI Dorso Lumbar Spine
MR044 MRI Dorso Lumbar Spine with Contrast
MR038 MRI Lumbar Spine
MR045 MRI Lumbar Spine with contrast
MR039 MRI Lumbar Sacral spine
MR046 MRI Lumbar Sacral spine with Contrast
MR040 MRI Sacrococcyx spine
MR047 MRI Sacrococcyx spine with contrast
MR048 MR Venography one anatomical area
MR052 MRI Urography with Contrast
MR057 MRI Shoulder
MR058 MRI Shoulder with Contrast
MR059 MRI Arm
MR060 MRI Arm with Contrast
MR061 MRI Elbow Single
MR062 MRI Elbow with Contrast
MR063 MRI Wrist Single
MR064 MRI Wrist Single with Contrast
MR065 MRI Hand Single
MR066 MRI Hand Single with Contrast
MR067 MRI Hip Single / Bilateral
MR068 MRI Hip Single / Bilateral with Contrast
MR069 MRI SI Joints ( Sacroilliac Joints) Single / Bilateral
MR070 MRI SI Joints ( Sacroilliac Joints) Single / Bilateral with Contrast
MR071 MRI Thigh Single
MR072 MRI Thigh Single with Contrast
MR073 MRI Knee
MR074 MRI Knee with Contrast
MR075 MRI Leg
MR076 MRI Leg with Contrast
MR077 MRI Ankle
MR078 MRI Ankle with Contrast
MR079 MRI Foot Single
MR080 MRI Foot Single with contrast
MR081 MRI CSF Study
MR082 MRI Brain Seizure Protocol / Epilepsy Protocol
MR083 MRI Scrotum
MR084 MRI Scrotum with Contrast
MR085 MRI Testes
MR086 MRI Testes with Contrast
MR087 MRI Cadiac / Heart
MR088 MRI Cadiac / Heart with Contrast
MR089 MRI Ingunial / Inguino Scrotum
MR090 MRI Ingunial / Inguino Scrotum with Contrast
MR091 MRI Orbit
MR092 MRI Orbit with Contrast
MR094 MRI PNH with Contrast
CT002 CECT Head with contrast
CT003 CT whole Abdomen
CT004 CECT whole Abdomen with contrast
CT005 CT scan Thorax
CT006 CECT scan thorax with contrast
CT007 HRCT Chest
CT008 CT temporal Bone (Axial + Coronal)
CT036 CECT Temporal Bone (Axial + Coronal) with Contrast
CT009 CT Cervical (upto six vertebral)
CT037 CECT Cervical (upto six vertebral) with Contrast
CT010 CT 3D (one part)
CT011 CT PNS (Axial + Coronal)
CT013 CECT PNS(Axial + Coronal) with contrast
CT012 CT PNS (Only Coronal)
CT014 CT Orbit (Axial + Coronal)
CT041 CECT Orbit (Axial + Coronal) with Contrast
CT015 CT Sella
CT016 CT Sella with contrast
CT017 CT Neck/ Face
CT018 CECT Neck / Face with contrast
CT019 Extremities/Limb (each part)
CT042 CECT Extremities / Limb (each part) with Contrast
CT020 CT Hip joint
CT045 CECT Hip Joint with Contrast
CT021 CECT Angiography (One part)
CT046 CECT Coronary Angiography (One Part)
CT023 CECT KUB with contrast
CT024 CECT Urography
CT025 CT Cisternography with Anesthesia
  CD charge
CT027 Anaesthsia Charge (one study)
CT028 CECT Triple Phase upper Abdomen with Contrast
CT029 CECT Dual Phase Upper Abdomen with Contrast
CT030 CECT Triple Phase Whole Abdomen with Contrast
CT031 CECT Dual Phase Whole Abdomen with Contrast
CT032 CT Upper Abdomen Plain (without Contrast)
CT033 CECT Upper Abdomen (with Contrast)
CT034 CT Pelvis / Lower Abdomen Plain ( Without Contrast)
CT035 CECT Pelvis / Lower Abdomen ( With Contrast)
CT038 CECT Dorsal (upto six vertebral) with Contrast
CT039 CECT Lumbar Spine (upto six vertebral) with Contrast
CT026 CT PNS (Axial + Coronal+ Saggital)
CT043 CT Bony Pelvis
CT044 CECT Bony Pelvis with Contrast
CT047 CT Guided FNAC ( Only Procedure)
CT048 CECT Cardiac with Contrast
CT049 CECT Renal Contrast
DEXA DEX001 Whole body Dexa Scan
DEX002 3 Site Dexa Scan
DEX003 2 Site Dexa Scan
MAM MAM001 Mammography & USG
MAM MAM002 Single breast Mammography & USG
NUCLEAR NUC001 Stress Thallium / Rest MyoCardial Perfusion Scan
NUC003 Bone Scan
NUC004 Thyroid scan
NUC005 Captopril DTPA Study Screening of Renal HT (RVS / RAS)
NUC006 Renal Transplant Evaluation (DTPA Scan)
NUC007 DRCG Scan for VU Reflux
NUC008 Testicular Scan
NUC009 MIBI Parathyroid Scan
NUC010 MIBG Scan for ADrenal
NUC011 RAIU & Scan
NUC012 SPECT Cerebral Perfusion Scan (HMEAO/ECD)
NUC013 SPECT Cerebral Perfusion Scan (ICTAL SCAN)
NUC014 SPECT Cerebral Perfusion (Pre + Post Diamox Intervention Study)
NUC015 MIBI Brain SPECT ( For Recurrent/Residual Tumor)
NUC016 GHA Brain SPECT ( For Recurrent/Residual Tumor)
NUC017 CisternoGraphy ( Scan Only) (LP Chage Extra)
NUC018 CSF Leek Study (Scan Only) ( LP Charge Extra)
NUC019 Hepatobilliary Scan (HIDA)
NUC020 Liver Spleen Colloid Scan
NUC021 RBC Liver/ Spleen Scan with SPECT
NUC022 Meckeal’s Scan
NUC023 GL _Bleed Scan
NUC024 Gastro_Esophageal Reflux Scan
NUC025 Salivary Glan Scan
NUC026 Esophageal Transit Time
NUC027 Gastric Emptying Time Scan
NUC028 Iodine Whole Body Scan
NUC029 ScintiMamography (MIBI)
NUC030 Gallium Whole Body Scan
NUC031 Sentineal Lymph Node Mapping and Marketing
NUC032 Octreotide Scan
NUC033 Lung Ventalation Scan
NUC034 Lung Perfusion Scan
NUC035 Lung Ventilation Scan / Lung Perfusion Scan
NUC036 Radionuclide Lymphoscintigraphy
NUC037 Scan for Plura _ Peritoneal Leek
NUC038 Dacry Cintigraphy
NUC039 Infection Imaging ( WBC Scan)
NUC040 Venography
NUC041 Iodine 2-5 mci
NUC042 Iodine 5-10 mci
NUC043 Iodine 10-15 mci
NUC044 Iodine therapy for CA Thyroid (20-30)  and Thyrotoxicosis
NUC045 P_32 Therapy for Bone Pain Palliation
NUC046 Yttrium Therapy for Radiation Synovectomy
NUC047 Strontium Therapy for Bone Pain Palliation
NUC048 Samarium Therapy for Bone Palliation
NUC049 PET CT Anaesthesia Charge
NUC051 Nuclear Anaesthesia Charges
PET002 PET CT Brain
PET003 PET CT Heart


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Dr Lal Path Lab Corporate Office

DrLal PathLabs Ltd.

12th Floor, Tower B, SAS Tower,

Medicity, Sector-38,

Gurgaon-122001, Haryana

  • Dr Lal Path Lab Customer Care number : 011-3988-5050
  • Fax : +91 124 4234468


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About Dr Lal Path Lab Customer Care Details

Dr Lal path labs have a strong network in different regions of country. In Delhi itself only, it has more than 190 clinical laboratories with over 1700 patient service centers. The patients have given good response and really appreciated the labs for their good support and medical services. Well, each test has its specific report delivery turnaround times.

 You must contact Dr Lal path labs customer care number to check for your test. The order for test can be done via online mode i.e. at official website and through Dr Lal path lab customer care number. But the some order tests cannot be cancelled later on due to the terms and conditions of the organization. For cancellation, you need to cancel the entire test and proceed again for fresh bookings.

That’s all about Dr Lal path lab customer care number, for gather more information just go to Official Link. Stay connected with us customer-carenumber.com for interesting updates like this.


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