Why Smartphones Are Better Than Tablets – Points Of Preference

In mobile market, there is an ongoing discussion over the devices that – which are best for customers as well as for enterprise users. Some people are still in confusion that which one is best among these two? While both the devices can operate on same operating system and applications, they may look equally competitive, but in reality, they are not. Smart phones are better than Tablets in many aspects. Some points of Preferences are given below:

Why Smartphones are better?


One of the most important advantages of Smartphones is that these devices are portable. Whenever a person is at store, doing lunch or walking with friends, it is in his pocket or purse.

Less Expensive

Though price of tabs are coming down but still they are expensive. For those on a budget, Smartphones are the better option.

Voice Call

Tablets are better for getting work done and surfing the internet but when a voice call need to be made, it is worthless. Smartphones offers all the functions and applications along with phone calling.

Easy Messaging Service

Along with the calling system, way of communication is better in Smartphones as compared to tabs. For example in Apple iOS 5, a new feature named as iMessage will be delivered shortly by the company. With this, user may send text or multimedia message to other iOS device.


In terms of flexibility, it is considered to be best one as compared to tabs as because it is not just a phone but also a portable music player, GPS device, Camera or e-reader.

No tension of Web Connectivity

There are some tabs that access 3G or 4G networks but there are also some that can access Wi-Fi only. Smart phones offer both the facilities which means users are away from the tension of connecting to web.

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