Why Does An Sms Contains 160 Characters – Actual Reasons

Why Does An Sms Contains 160 Characters

Why Does An Sms Contains 160 Characters – Actual Reasons are available here on this page. Today, everyone is aware of SMS data application and most of us make use of this application. According to the survey the text are send more as compared to the calls. SMS is a technology which is been widely used by the people all over the world. The text service has made the communication more powerful means.

A man named Friedhelm Hillebrand once was typing something randomly on his typewriter including punctuations, spaces on the page and he observed that one line covers 160 of characters always. And that became his magic number, today we send one SMS of 160 words.

Why Does An Sms Contains 160 Characters

The most common applications used in SMS are:

  • Typing a short message is comparatively cheap and easy.
  • Services like email are also provided as users can mail any message or reply to any mail by their phones.
  • Chatting is one of the most used applications by the users.
  • SMS is also used to get the notifications.
  • Many of the information’s regarding ringtones, weather, and news can also be received by sending a unique code.
  • Latest ringtones can be downloaded and mail alerts can be activated.

Smartphones Are Better Than Tablets

One side SMS is providing us many benefits but on the other hand it has some limitations too:

  • The size of the messages is limited to 160 characters.
  • The GSM protocols are not much efficient.
  • If user wants to get the information related to new updates; for each updates user has to send a different SMS.

Therefore SMS provides better non voice service with convenient method of exchanging thoughts and views. This application is widely used because it not only saves time but also is cheap compared to call cost. And SMS can be used nationally and internationally. Messages have taken a tremendous growth in last few years. There is also one condition applied in messages and i.e., if Latin alphabets are used then the limit is 160 words but if the message type is non Latin like Arabic then the limit will decrease to 70 characters. On the basis of this unique algo twitter made its word limit of 140 characters for one message.

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