Which Shoes To Wear On Different Occasions- Different For Ladies And Gents

Shoes are important sign of human perception of insightful personality in unfavorable situation. Shoes have become an important part of our lives as they were designed to protect our feet from uncomfortable surface, cold and warm weather, and pointed articles.

Shoes for men to wear on different occasions falls in two categories i.e. casuals and formals. Casual shoes are designed to give the comfort and informality. Today informal shoes resemble as formal wear the design and looks may vary. Casual shoes looks good when paired up with any kind of casual outfits it may be Jeans, Trousers & shorts. Sports shoes also comes in this category because they are specialized shoes designed and created to enable better performance in a particular sporting activity and can also be worn with jogging suit. Flip-flops to sneakers and boots are the casual shoes which fall in this section.

Formal shoes are of two types one is with laces and second is without laces. Most of the formal shoes comes in leather and are very expensive but today many of the manufacturers are producing formal shoes with use of plastic and some modern methods so that the cost may diminish. Formal shoes are of leather material and closed laced and with non-rubbery sole.

As men footwear’s fall in two categories same comes in women too. In fact women’s are ahead from men’s in the race of fashion world and styles. There are varieties of formal and informal shoes for women that they can wear on different occasions.

Formal footwear for women comes in many ranges such as platform heel baileys, leather pencil heel pumps, flat baileys, flat leather sandals, black formal shoes etc. And these different ranges fit on every formal dress.

Casual shoes are described by durable leather uppers, non-leather outsoles. There are large varieties of shoes available for women in addition to the men’s style and which are being more acceptable. Informal shoes are created for style and comfort and are great in wearing for whole day. As for dance wide range is there like pointed shoes, ballet shoes, tango, jazz, foot thongs, dance sneakers, tap shoes.

So, as time has changed the styles and designs of shoes has also varied enormously from culture to culture.

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