What Is DTH Technology – Its Features, Efficiency And Reliability

Today everyone is aware of DTH (Direct to Home) services as it is widely adopted by people. It is a wireless technology and catches digital satellite signals and also it does not require any wires to connect. DTH is a good substitute for cables and provide best picture quality.

The DTH has many Feature, Efficiency and Reliability factors some of which are discussed below:


  • Users of these services only need to pay for the channel they are viewing.
  • They can activate the channel of their own choice just by sending the sms with a code of the channel through the registered number.
  • Viewer can check the current and future programs of all the channels.
  • DTH has a good quality of picture and amazing sound.
  • It provide movie on demand service too.


  • The efficiency totally depends on the range of DTH.
  • Areas where the cable connections cannot reach their also DTH can catch its range and could provide best quality of pictures and sounds.
  • The bad weather may affect the telecast of channel through DTH networks and can cause the interruption in the program.


  • It facilitates you to watch your favorite programs from anywhere.
  • It is very cost effective.
  • In DTH you can record or delete your programs after watching them.
  • It provides you full HD channels.
  • You can get all the packages that you love to watch such as in sports package you will get channels related to the sports, in news and knowledge you will get all the programs related to this only.
  • It is reliable to give mass media content to its viewers.

The DTH service has grown very rapidly across the nation and allows different combinations of channels with HD quality. Viewers can avail facility of packages, plans, desired channels combinations and also many other value added services. DTH had made a tremendous effort in up bringing the quality products of broadcasting the channels worldwide. There are many agencies which provide the DTH services and customer has to make a best choice among various service providers.

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