Use Of Electronic Media-Help In Development Of Society

Technology is helping people in making their lives easier. It provides a great help in betterment of the society. Electronic media is one such technology which has revolutionized the way of living by proving the wonderful ways through which one can help himself and the society. Here in this article you will get to know the uses of Electronic Media which helps in development of society.

First we should define a society. It is a group of people involved with each other, through persistent relations. In other words, society is the group of people around us with whom we live.

Any media that helps in electronic communication, like TV, mobile and computers are also regarded as electronic media. Today it is used in almost every aspect of life and with its every use it is helping in.

Use of Electronic Media

Electronic media have contributed tremendously to the fields like marketing, news reporting, education, software’s and many other which in turn have increased the status of the society.

Journalism or news reporting is considered to be a main pillar of the country. Previously, when news reporting was not so effective, people were not aware of many things happening in the country but now everybody watch updated news on TV and remain aware about the happenings in the country and take decisions which helps in betterment of the society.

Marketing today is no more a job it was a decade ago. The way of marketing has changed a lot. We can see numerous eye catching and attractive TV commercials being aired on TV. They provide a lot more information about the product and helps person in taking the decision, which is best for him.

Education is the most important tool for the development of a country. More educated the person of a country is, better will be the standard of the society. It has helped education sector to a great extent. Small kids found it very interesting to learn ABC through various videos and interactive games.

Now students also study from eBooks because they are easily available online and also save money. There are various online lectures available through which anyone can learn and study. These lectures help students of remote area tremendously.

So we can see how electronic media is changing lives and helping society continuously.


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