Unknown History of Cars – Facts Being Uncurtained

Cars have become one of the important parts of our lives. In the modern world we cannot imagine a life without it because in some ways our life depends on cars. The invention of cars was done long before in order to make life easy because in those days the journey was done on animals and they also had many limitations.

There are many unknown history of cars whose facts remained unrevealed and some of them are as follows:

  • Maruti Suzuki a well known company of India was the only automotive corporation of 1980’s in country. A company called Maruti Limited was incorporated in 1970 and in 1977 it went into liquidation. Sanjay Gandhi was the managing director of this company and after his death Indira Gandhi took charge and the Indian Central Government started looking for an active collaborator for a new company and then Suzuki of Japan entered an agreement & a Joint Venture was done between both the companies and today Maruti is known as Maruti Suzuki. The positive aspect of Maruti Suzuki is that the parts of this car is easily available and today also it ranks good.
  • Ford was launched in 1902 by Henry Ford. He was only 39 years old when he founded Ford Motor Company. Ford introduced safety glass, low priced V8 engine, and lifeguard safety package. Ford was one of the successful companies in the world at that time. But as time passed the profit margins were decreased due to the increase in incentive rates, market share was also grind down and the loss was so huge that it wasn’t be repaired till 2009. So ford introduced a new range of vehicles and in 2008 Ford sold its operations of Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors.
  • BLMC came into being in 1968 by the merger of British Motor Holdings (BMH) and Leyland Motor Corporation (LMC). Despite of earning a huge profit British Leyland faced problems in history.BMH had produced several successful cars such as Mini and Austin which at that time were one of the largest selling cars in UK, these cars were modified time to time but at some point Mini became less profitable as it was facing modern competition still as the time passed and reconstruction was done the BLMC started earning profits again.


Therefore cars are one of the most important inventions over the last centuries and it had changed the world.

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