Unknown Facts about Indian History – 25 Unbelievable Lesser Known Facts

Unknown Facts About Indian History

Unknown Facts About Indian HistoryMany great personalities have contributed their talent in India to make our country the world’s best. Well, there are some amazing Unknown facts about Indian History that you guys must not be aware of.

So to make you familiar, we have presented 25 Unbelievable Lesser Known Facts about Indian History. Truly India is an incredible country and you should be proud of that. Here we’ve come up with the collection of some shocking facts about India that you would love to read.

These stunning facts about Indian History have made India differ from other countries. Some facts are damn extraordinary that will make your jaw open. So get to know about some WOW facts about your country from here.

Unknown Facts About Indian History

25 Unbelievable Lesser Known Facts About India

India has a rich cultural heritage with its unique diversity and there are some facts which are still unknown about its ancient history. Let’s discover some amazing facts about its history which are still unknown.

1) Ayurveda is known to be the earliest system of medicine. The origination of Ayurveda took place in India. Ancient dhanvantaris used this form of medicinal treatment for curing diseases.

2) Taj Mahal one of the most popular and attractive historical monuments appears in pink color during morning time and its color changes to golden during night when moon light falls on it. The hands of workers who built this famous architecture were cut so that no one could ever create such a masterpiece.

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3) The recent findings about Dwarka city reveals that it is the oldest township  of the world having its origin  from 9500 BC.

4) The concept of navigation was founded in India nearly 6000 years ago.

5) American gemological institute reveals that India was the only diamond source till 1896.

6) Theory of wireless communication was given by Jagdish Bose. This fact has been proved by IEEE.

7) Another rare fact about India that it has never invaded any country in the last 10,000 years.

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8) The discovery of sugar crystallization from sugar took place in India in 350 A.D.

9) The medical surgery related to eye cataracts was first performed about 2600 years ago in India.

10) The first garden tomb of the world was Humayun’s tomb.

11) Indian railway network is the second largest rail network and has the most number of employers.

12) Indian road network is the largest road network of the world having a length of 1.9 million miles.

13) Well, this Unknown Facts about Indian History will definitely make your astonish as Indian post office network is recognized to be the largest in the world, operating around 150,000 post offices.

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14) In ancient and medieval India, the age old funeral custom of Suttees or Sati, in which a widowed woman would immolate herself on her husband’s pyre, was common.

15) India, being the largest exporter of banana, is also leading the world in producing dried beans like kidney beans and chickpeas.

16) The India’s national animal is the Bengal Tiger. It was once spread throughout the country, but their huge demand of skin and passion for hunting and over rising human population leading to deforestation has result in their extinction. Now only fewer than 4,000 wild tigers are left in India.

17) Bombay or Mumbai is the largest city in India with a population over 14 million. In the year 1661, a causeway was built by Britishers with a motive to unite all seven original islands of Bombay into a single landmass.

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18) The banyan or Indian fig tree, from ancient time, believes to be a symbol of immortality. Also, this self-renewing plant is cited in numerous of myths and legends and is India’s national tree.

19) Cricket is the most popular sport in India. It was introduced by britishers in India and since then it has gained tremendous fame in our country. However, Hockey is India’s national sport and in 1928 the Indian Hockey team won Olympic gold.

20) The Indian are still following their age old culture and traditions. In India Marigold flowers are considered to be a symbol of good fortune and happiness and are widely used in Hindu marriages.

21) The India’s national bird called peacock, was initially bred for food.

22) Most historians in India believe that first recorded account of plastic surgery is found in ancient Indian Sanskrit texts.

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23) India is considered to be the largest milk-producing country in whole world. India’s rural communities are basically dependent on dairy products and hence making India the leading milk producer.

24) In India, dance was previously recognized as an art to worship God in the inner shrines of every temple. There are eight Indian classical dance styles namely, Odissi (Odissa), Bharatanatyam (Tamil Nadu), Kathak (North, West and Central India), Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh), Manipuri (Manipur), Kathakali (Kerala), Mohiniyattam (Kerala) and Sattriya (Assam). These dance forms are best known for hands movements.

25) Tea or Chai is the most popular beverage in India. Also, India is the leading tea producer in the world.

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