Steps to Open an Online Bank Account | Easiest Step to Follow, Document Required

Steps to Open an Online Bank Account

Opening a Bank account is not as simple as it looks like, but by following the below placed easiest Steps to Open an Online Bank Account you can make this tricky task really effortless. In today’s era, online banking is becoming really convenient and trending. By using the few simple steps to open an Online Bank Account you can easily avail the services of internet banking. However, you must have the documents required for this whole process.

With the help of online bank account, you will be able to transfer or get the money anytime and anywhere. This service is highly secure and reliable, but you must remember your password after you’ve opened a bank account. After forming an Online Bank Account, you don’t need to carry your passbook or cheques, every time you make transactions. So, check out how to open an online bank account.

Steps To Open an Online Bank Account

1. Choose a type of bank account

There are so many types of bank accounts such as fixed deposit Account, NRI Account, Current Account, Saving Account and so on. So, firstly decide which type of account you want to open.

2. Choose a right bank

Once a person has decided account type, he should approach for a right financial institution. Proximity, Status, Convenience and Special Deals are the important factors which helps one to determine a right bank.

3. Creating Bank Account

After one had decided the type of account and bank, go to the bank’s website and search for a link “Create an Account”. Now fill the all mandatory details like name, date of birth, address, contact no. etc. which are generally to be asked by all the banks in order to open an account. After filling all the information go to “I agree” button and complete the procedure.

4. Pick a password

It’s important to choose a password because it secures account and online banking. Ideally a password must be at least 6 characters long which include both numbers and alphabets.

5. Next is what

Once a person completed the procedure of filling account form online, the bank will mail or send by post the beneficiary items like cheques, debit cards, passbook and other within 2 or 3 weeks.

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If needed, then online banking, credit cards facilities etc can also be taken from the bank and monthly expenses will automatically deducted from the account.

Banks are useful for the utilization of the monetary resources of the country. For the investment purposes, banks are mobilizing the savings of people. Apart from collecting deposits and making advances, it caters the need of people by offering a wide range of services like loan facilities, online banking, ATM/Credit/Debit Card facility etc.

Documents Required Opening an Online Bank Account

  • Passport Copy.
  • Two photographs of account holder/s.
  • Signatures verified by Indian embassy/known bankers.
  • Complete particulars as described in the application form as well as nomination.
  • Foreign currency Remittance
  • NRI’s can also use Inward remittances in any convertible currency from abroad
  • Documents must be attested and verified by bankers / Indian Embassy

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Note: These are the Steps to Open an Online Bank Account. To get updated with more interesting facts, stay connected with us through our web portal.

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