The Right Way of Filling Online Complaint in Consumer Court | Detailed Steps

The Right Way Of Filling Online Complaint In Consumer Court

There are various rights given to us by the constitution of India. One of them is The Right Way of Filling Online Complaint in Consumer Court. From the day we have taken birth on this earth we became consumers and come under the Consumer Protection Act. Now A days we see that most of the consumers are cheated in some or the other ways. As they were provided with inferior quality of goods, with less quantity as they are actually paying off and sometimes the consumer is cheated by paying more price than the actual price that commodity. Keeping in view all these cases it is very important to protect the consumers against all such evil harassment.

The Right Way Of Filling Online Complaint In Consumer Court

In the constitution we have some of the laws which protect the consumers to some extent they are:

  • Sale of Goods Act, 1936
  • The Agriculture Produce Act, 1937
  • Standards of Weights and Measurements Act, 1976
  • The Indian Contract Act, 1872

All these acts are made in favor of the consumers but they have one drawback and that is that they require filling of the civil suit and consumes years to make out the final decision.

Therefore there was a need to bring up an Act which will provide consumers speedy justice. For that a new Act was passed in the Parliament which was named as Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

The Right Way Of Filling Online Complaint In Consumer Court

Steps To File An Online Complaint To Consumer Court

Log In To Official Website:

First most step of the consumer to fill online complain in the consumer court is to open the consumer court official website and press on the log in button.

Selecting Proper Link:

After you logged in to the official website of the consumer court select the link of Consumer Court Section.

Selecting Complaint Type:

This is very important step in regard to filling of the complain. Consumer have to select the appropriate link on which he/she has to state the complain. The various links are:’

  • Complaint regarding Products
  • Complaint regarding Service Provide etc.

Fill Registration Form:

After selecting the appropriate link now a new window will open on your PC/Mobile which will contain the Registration form. Provide all the required details asked in the registration form. Keep in mind that the details you provide should be accurate especially in case of your contact number and your name and address.

Submit Your Details:

  • After filling the registration form with correct details which were asked in that hit on the submit button which was given at the last of the registration form also mention the complaints or queries that you have in the box that is with the heading of “query”
  • By hitting on the Submit button your complaint is registered to the consumer court. You will soon get the answer from the consumer court department member.

Check Here – How to Write a Complaint Email

Some Of The Important Steps Before Writing An Complain

Right To Act Or Don’t Be Lazy:

If you are cheated by the seller by selling you expired or waste product then it is your right to register complaint immediately against the shopkeeper or against the product.

Get The Complaint Number:

The very first step is to get the complain numner.If you don’t have that then you can’t register your complain. In case if you call the service centers or the company executive of the product, you are just simply making fool of yourself.

Talk With The Right Person:

Always talk with the right person who will most probably be the All India Customer Care Executive. Tell your problem to that person and wait for his/her advice. Ask that person the Complaint number of that product, and Note down the resolution date and wait for the patiently for the Resolution date.

Never Be Rude With Company Personnel:

It is very important be  kept in mind that while talking to any company executive you will never show anger or in other words you have to be humble and polite while talking to Company Personnel. You can threaten the company but that too in “Decent Way”

Roar Like A Lion:

You have to threaten the company but in decent way. Never show the company that you are going to file the complain in the consumer court in any case, but pretend that you are going to do so. You can Raise your Hue and cry in front of the media or share your post on social media sites. Make a group from there, and make your complain more weightage.

Don’t Go For Lawyer:

You make yourself strong enough that you can yourself fight for your case in even worst of the conditions because the consumer case is all non-technical stuff and the person can fight for it without hiring a lawyer for it.

Go Only For A Good Lawyer:

In case you can’t fight for the case by yourself, in that case you have to select te best of the lawyer. But always remember that if you are claiming for damages of Rs.1000 then you have to pay Rs.50,000 to the lawyer if the case ends up in 20 years.

The main reason behind the Online Consumer Court is to bring consumer court department to each and every person’s reach who lives in the country and is the consumer of the Indian commodity. Consumers should themselves aware of the malpractices that are made by the sellers in order to make themselves safe.

Fight your case with full of self confidence and always believe in yourself. Fight till you are not satisfied with the decision of the company / organization.

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