Pros And Cons Of Two Wheelers And Four Wheelers

Vehicle plays an important role in our day to day life. Most of us use car, motorcycle, scooter and truck for travelling and transportation purpose. Both two wheelers and four wheelers have some pros and cons which are mentioned below:First we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of two wheelers like scooters and motorcycles.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easy and economical means of transport. Can’t use them for long distance travelling purpose.
Consumes less fuel compared to four wheelers such as cars and trucks. More prone to accidents due to high traffic on the roads.
Less wear and tear therefore, maintenance cost is not very high. Can’t carry more than a person.
Occupy less space on the roads and also create less air pollution. Doesn’t provide protection from cold weather and hot climate.
Can be used at any time even during midnight. Aged people find them difficult to ride.

Now, let’s discuss some of the major benefits and drawbacks of four wheelers such as cars and trucks.

Advantages Disadvantages
Can be used for long distance travel. It is costlier means of transport when compared to bikes and scooters.
Less chances of injury during accidents due to better safety features. Covers more space on the road leading to high traffic.
Carry more persons due to large size as compared to motorcycles and scooters. Four wheelers such as trucks can’t be used during peak hours.
Provide protection from dust and cold weather conditions. Maintenance is very costly.
Comfortable for old people to drive them safely. Consumes more fuel and create more pollution.

From the above article we find that both four and two wheelers have their own importance in our daily life. Therefore, do remember these points before buying any vehicle.

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