Pros And Cons Of Postpaid And Prepaid Connections | Prepaid Vs Postpaid SIM Option

Pros And Cons Of Postpaid And Prepaid

With the advancement of new strategies and techniques in telecom sector, people are highly relying upon the prepaid and postpaid plans. We have discussed the Pros and Cons of Postpaid and Prepaid connections.

However, some people like to prefer the prepaid plan and other opt for postpaid plan packages. But choosing a best option among these two is the most difficult task.

Through its clear description among these two options, you will be able to know whether to choose prepaid SIM option or postpaid SIM. Let’s have a glance at the below of the page which is stating the advantages and disadvantages of both SIM.

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Pros And Cons Of Postpaid And Prepaid connection

Comparison Between Postpaid And Prepaid

Prepaid Postpaid
Pre-paid customers make payment in advance before using the service A post-paid customer uses services throughout the month and receives the bill at the end of the month.
One has to worry about remaining balance One doesn’t have to worry about the remaining balance because postpaid offers unlimited credit.
One has to recharge when the balance becomes low No tension of recharge
Call logs are only on your mobile You can recover all your call logs by requesting for the Call Detail Records (CDRs), which include all the data regarding the calling number, dialed number, the date and time of the call, its duration and call type (MOC, i.e. Mobile Originated Call or MTC, i.e. Mobile Terminated Call).
The freedom to recharge when and how much  There is a monthly fixed rental and one has to pay at end of the billing cycle


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(Advantages And Disadvantages) Pros And Cons Of Postpaid And Prepaid

Postpaid Connection

In this plan customer requires to deposit certain amount of money as security in monetary terms and then he/she can opt from different schemes that come under this plan as per their requirement.


  • The best thing about choosing postpaid connection is that the plans covered in postpaid connection arecheaper and reliable. Like , there are various operators that are offering 1 GB/day data for Rs. 399 and unlimited calls facility
  • There are low cost plans available in postpaid connection, those who want to prefer the less cost package can go for Rs 99 or 199 plans.
  • A detailed bill every month with the postpaid plan and can also use that a proof of address at several places.
  • There is a Better coverage facility compared to prepaid connection.

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  • It allows anyone to check your call details with the help bill.
  • Sometimes hidden charges are levied when you receive the bill.
  • Customer cannot check the usage on a daily basis. He needs to wait for the bill to view the same.
  • You have to pay the minimum monthly charges even if you are not using the service.

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Prepaid Connection

Here’s an account on prepaid connection… if you’re using prepaid connection then in this plan you have to pay the bill before activation then only you’ll be able to enjoy services of the connection.

Advantages –

  • One of the biggest benefits of having a prepaid SIM connection is that there is ease and convenience of user to change tariff packs.
  • There are multiple choices in range of voice and data packs, bulk minutes packs, rate cutters and special data recharges.
  • There is no need to worry about the high bills or unauthorized use of the mobile in prepaid connection. Like in postpaid connection, if you have used the net for long period of time and your data limit is exhausted, then you need to bear high charges.
  • Users are not required to pay extra charges for availing the STD/ISD roaming facility.

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  • You can’t check the call details as you won’t get the bill.
  • Call rates are usually high as compared to postpaid connection.
  • Coverage facility is not very good.

Therefore, we come up with the conclusion that each connection has its own benefits and disadvantages too. Now choose your preferable SIM option among these tow. For interesting facts like this, stay tuned with

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