Pros And Cons Of Postpaid And Prepaid Connections

Pros And Cons Of Postpaid And Prepaid Connections

Mostly people prefer to have Pre paid connections and some enjoy Postpaid connection services. Well, in this concern let’s know more about Pros And Cons Of Postpaid And Prepaid Connections. Whether you use Post paid or Pre paid connection but each connection has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Pros And Cons Of Postpaid And Prepaid Connections

Pros And Cons Of Postpaid And Prepaid Connections

Postpaid Connection

In this plan customer requires to deposit certain amount of money as security in monetary terms and then he/she can opt from different schemes that come under this plan as per their requirement.


  • It allows customer to talk unlimited without bothering about the renewal of the connection through card.
  • You will get all the details related to usage of your connection.
  • Better coverage facility compared to prepaid connection.

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  • It allows anyone to check your call details with the help bill.
  • Sometimes hidden charges are levied when you receive the bill.
  • Customer cannot check the usage on a daily basis. He needs to wait for the bill to view the same.
  • You have to pay the minimum monthly charges even if you are not using the service.

Pros And Cons; Comparison- Postpaid And Prepaid Connections

Pre-paid customers make payment in advance before using the service A post-paid customer uses services throughout the month and receives the bill at the end of the month.
One has to worry about remaining balance One doesn’t have to worry about the remaining balance because postpaid offers unlimited credit.
One has to recharge when the balance becomes low No tension of recharge
Call logs are only on your mobile You can recover all your call logs by requesting for the Call Detail Records (CDRs), which include all the data regarding the calling number, dialed number, the date and time of the call, its duration and call type (MOC, i.e. Mobile Originated Call or MTC, i.e. Mobile Terminated Call).
The freedom to recharge when and how much  There is a monthly fixed rental and one has to pay at end of the billing cycle


Prepaid Connection

Here’s an account on prepaid connection… if you’re using prepaid connection then in this plan you have to pay the bill before activation then only you’ll be able to enjoy services of the connection.

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  • Some schemes allows customer to carry forward their balance if they renew the connection before the valid time.
  • You can check the pre paid balance any time by calling customer care.
  • No need to pay extra charges for availing the STD/ISD roaming facility.


  • You can’t check the call details as you won’t get the bill.
  • Call rates are usually high as compared to post paid connection.
  • Coverage facility is not very good.

Therefore, we come up with the conclusion that each connection has its own benefits and disadvantages too.

So, if you are unsatisfied with your present service operators, then you can easily switch to other network anytime…

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