Precautions To Be Taken While Driving A Vehicle – Some Safety Measures

Driving a vehicle is daily exercise for most of the people it may be a bicycle, car, motor cycle etc. And everyone wants to drive safely but due to unawareness of driving safe many accidents take place and in order to be safe you need to take some safety measures which are:

  • Never drive without wearing a helmet as they are designed to safeguard your head from injuries.
  • Always buckle up your seat belts as they protect from crash.
  • There should be a safety gap when you stop your vehicle behind any other conveyance.
  • Always avoid overtaking because it is most dangerous activity. And if need to overtake then take it from right side, and use dippers so that the conveyance coming from the other side may come to know that you are passing and they could lower their speed.
  • Stop you motor vehicle at the lights, and always remember that while stopping you should not cross a thick line because if a big vehicle such as truck or bus will cross the intersection then there is a risk of collision with your conveyance.
  • Never drive on the wrong side of the road.
  • Do not drive rash, take decisions early like accelerate, brake, changing gear and drive smoothly so that your co-passengers could be comfortable and also driving smooth will let your vehicle last longer.
  • If you are going for a long drive then get enough sleep.
  • If someone can share the driving with you in a long drive than you can take a short nap in between and let the other person to drive.
  • Never drink and drive.
  • Use the indicators while turning left or right so that the motor vehicle behind you can get to know that at which side you have to turn and could slow down their vehicle too.
  • Keep an eye on the side mirrors so that you can get to know that which vehicle is behind you and how much distance you need to maintain.

Therefore this is true that driving thrills but kills; but if the rules are followed properly then the rate of accidents can surely deprive.

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