Possible Ways to Survive in a Plane Crash – Life Saving Tips and Tricks

We usually think that surviving in a plane crash is equal to impossible but there are many ways through which you can win a race against death.

The following are the best possible ways to survive in a plane crash:

  • Always listen to the instructions given by the crew and never feel frightened.
  • Always book your seat in the exit row or at the back because the chances to get rid of the crash increases up to 40 percent if you are sitting at back of the plane and if you are on exit row then during the emergency you may be the first one to get off the plane.
  • During difficulty don’t waste your time in getting your stuff along with you because you can survive without them but taking stuff with you may endanger your life.
  • When coming out of plane don’t block the exit for others and try to get at least 500 meters away from the aircraft because after the explosion the fumes may harm you.
  • Most of the planes do not provide the facility of Smoke Hoods as they decrease the power hearing or conveying your message hence you should cover your face and crouch to a low area as smoke kills within 20-30 seconds with suffocation.
  • You always need to leave the crash zone as soon as possible.
  • If you are in the water then it is always better to save your energy.
  • Your dressing should be such that it could not catch fire easily so try to consider your dress before the flight accordingly even if it is for short time.
  • Keep your seat belts on during the crash; it can protect you from injuries.
  • Stay calm and compose and do not get hyper because in such situations quick and safe action is really important.


Remember that at the time of emergencies few seconds and right execution of the plan to escape is of utmost importance and can increase your survival chances.

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