Least Expensive Place To Live

In tough times, it’s good to know where you can survive a full life without hardship. As like in U.S, many people are searching to cut down their expenses by shifting to more affordable cities and towns.It does not mean that only rich people can fit in this world, the common man can also exist. The condition that prevails is that one must build a home in the city or country where he/she could afford to live. But the question arises here that where to go? Is there any least expensive place to live? Well here is the answer.

We have compiled a list of Top 10 Inexpensive Destinations on the basis of cost of living, groceries, transportation, goods & services, housing process, and many more. Have a look at affordable places to live and decide as per your choice.

1.    Karachi, Pakistan

As per the Economist’s Cost of Living Index survey, Karachi which is also known as “City of Lights” is the world’s cheapest city to live in. In the city, the cost of a kilogram loaf of bread is near about 1/5th of the same weight of the bread in Tokyo which is the most expensive city.

2.    Mumbai, India

Mumbai, originally called as Bombay is headed to head with Karachi in terms of cheapest place to live in. Despite of its prosperity in entertainment, it is on the second place because of variation in income households, have kept the cost at a minimum.

3.    Tehran, Iran

Tehran, originally called as Ray is 32nd national capital. It is also counted in the least expensive city to live in terms of housing goods & services. The average price for 1 kg loaf of bread is $ 0.26 and 1 liter of unleaded gas is $ 0.11.

4.    Bogota, Colombia

It is the most populous city in Columbia with numerous universities and libraries which makes it most inexpensive. Another reason behind this is its victorious fight against its crime mystery image and drug trafficking in 90’s. Some of the multinational corporations have built their regional offices here.

5.    Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is also a prominent city in Ukraine. Nonexistences of slums, economic sustenance as well as less luxurious make this city unique.

6.    Santiago, Chile

It is the industry and financial seat of the country which is located in central valley of country at an altitude of 520 m above sea level. Steady economic growth of the city makes it cheaper as comparisons to other ones.

7.    Johannesburg, South Africa

Despite of its vast source for gold and diamond trade, the cost of living is relatively low as compared to other cities.

8.    Vilnius, Lithuania

It is located in Southeast of Lithuania which is known for its old town beautiful architecture. Inspite of its low cost of living, it is still a economic competitive city.

9.    Nairobi, Kenya

Because of inexpensive cost of land and cheap maintenance, the city has attracted investors and families to settle here.10

10.  Dhaka, Bangladesh

With near about 400,000 rickshaws being dragged on its roads daily, this is the World’s Rickshaw capital. It is also headed to head with other cities in terms of the least expensive cities.

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