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Least Expensive Place

One of the most bitter truth is that living overseas is seriously not an easy task and highly expensive. If you are planning to shift at any other place where at cheapest cost and without any hardship, then must check out Least Expensive Place to live in the world- 2018. The high quality lifestyle at some places can be a subject matter to think twice for living there.

Least Expensive Place

It’s just that not only India has the cheapest places to live but there are various other destinations as well that are much affordable to live. Let’s check out the list of cheapest places in the world to live below.

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Cheapest Places To Live In The World


Malaysia is the cheapest place to live in the whole world. Here, the roads and buildings are excellent. All the goods and services produced by this country are highly affordable and reliable. Life here is much easier with brilliant facilities at low cost.

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Lisbon, Portugal 

This city on the Tagus, one of the oldest in Western Europe, was originally settled as a Phoenician trading post. There is no economic sustenance and the best part is it is one of the luxurious cities. This elegant city is bordered by formal gardens and parks. Here, there is reasonably good infrastructure.

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Tehran, Iran 

Tehran, originally called as Ray is 32nd national capital. It is also counted in the least expensive city to live in terms of housing goods & services. The average price for 1 kg loaf of bread is $ 0.26 and 1 liter of unleaded gas is $ 0.11.

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When it comes to least expensive leaving cost place, Mexico is among the leading position. This place is cheapest in terms of almost everything ranging from food, travelling fares, cultural entertainment tickets which cost around $10. The flights packages form USA & Canada is very reasonable

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Bogota, Colombia 

It is the most populous city in Columbia with numerous universities and libraries which makes it most inexpensive. Another reason behind this is its victorious fight against its crime mystery image and drug trafficking in 90’s. Some of the multinational corporations have built their regional offices here.

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Santiago, Chile 

The steady economic growth of the Santiago makes it unique and one of the cheapest place in the world. The city is situated in thecentral valley of country at an altitude of 520 m above sea level. Here, the living rent is very less as compared to other countries.

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When it comes to utmost home comfort, high living standard, Cambodia is among best and less expensive place in the whole globe. Here, the imported food and drink, cinemas showing Hollywood blockbusters, and restaurants are very much affordable and can be easily fit in everyone budget.

So, that’s all about Least Expensive Places in the world. Stay tuned with customer-carenumber.com for interesting facts like this.

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