How To Increase RAM of Android Smartphone | Extend Ram Using SD card

How To Increase RAM of Android Smartphone

Truly, smartphone is a smarter device but for its better performance, you must know How To Increase RAM of Android Smartphone. Well, there are several way by which you can keep you phone’s RAM up-to-date, apart from these methods we have shared few simple steps by which you can Extend Ram Using SD card.

Insufficient RAM may result in many problems like phone hanging issues, improper functioning and low internal space. This problem arises when your RAM is not properly emptied or your apps are continuously working whether or not in function. To cut-short this problem one must be familiar with tricks to extend smartphone’s memory by using SD card. So here are few simple steps that describe “How To Increase RAM of Android Smartphone”.

How To Increase RAM of Android Smartphone/Device

Limit Widgets And Live Wallpapers

Whether we talk about Widgets or live wallpapers, they both consume lot of RAM. Many of these features refresh very often and occupy bandwidth; on the other hand some are active all day long. This also results in power related issues. So if you really want to optimize your phone’s memory, remember to limit Widgets and Live Wallpapers.

Disable Applications

Some applications consumers RAM even if they are not currently in use. To avoid this issue, organize which apps should run in the background and which app shouldn’t. This process may be time consuming but your device will definitely perform well.

In order to disable an app, first of all go to Settings option and then open up Apps Manager. After that go to the All tab and a list will containing your currently working applications will appear in front of you. Tab on the apps you want to disable and hit on “Confirm” option.

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Extend RAM in android Using SD Card


  • Your Android device must have higher or class 4 micro SD Card
  • Your Smart Phone or tablet must be rooted
  • A Windows PC
  • SD Card compatible reader
  • Take Backup of your SD Card

You just need to follow these steps to extend ram of your Android Phone/Device

STEP 1: Your Android Smartphone must support swapping.

To convert your SD Card into Ram, you need to check whether your device supports swapping or not. To check this, download Swap Check application. Try this testing app MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check. If your device supports Swap function then proceed with Step 2

STEP 2: Create Partition in your SD / Memory Card

To create partition, we will use Partition tool so download the mini tool partition wizard first on your Windows PC

  • Connect your SD Card to your PC using Memory Card reader
  • Now open the Mini Tool Partition Wizard and format the inserted SD card.
  • Now make partition by right clicking on your SD card and then Select the partition as primary and file system as FAT 32 for card more than 4GB.
  • Leave around 1 GB of memory for next partition.
  • Then select on ‘Done’ and again hit on make partition option, select primary partition but this time , change file system to EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4.
  • Press on apply changes and after processing for few minutes you successfully created partition

STEP 3: Link with your Rooted Android Device.

  • Now you need to Download and install Link2SD from the Google play store.
  • Launch this app and give root permission. Now choose the .ext partition that we made earlier.
  • Start linking your SD Card.

STEP 4: Increase RAM for your Android Device

  • For this, you need to Download Swapper for Root in your Android Phone.
  • Launch the app and select the amount of RAM you want to increase.
  • This will create a .swp file and it will increase the RAM of your Android Device.

Now Check the Size of your RAM, it must have increased by the amount you chosen. So, this way you can increase your android phone’s strength by boosting its RAM.

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