How To Write An Effective Complaint Email To The Company For Poor Services

How To Write A Effective Complaint Email

An e-mail does not mean that giving an order to any person or to any organization. It refers to sending a simple request by writing your own views or queries or solutions in the welfare of that person or organization or sometimes for the welfare of your own self. Here on this page we are providing you some of the best ways How to write an Effective Complaint Email to the Company for Poor Services. One important thing that the writer should always keep in mind while writing an email  is that he/she should clearly know that for whom he/she is reading the email as the email writing styles differs in most of the cases and that all depend on to whom you are writing the email.

How To Write A Effective Complaint Email

The matter related to poor services provided in India is very common. Anyone can be receiving poor services and the fact is known to many of the people but they remain unaware of what steps they should take. The solution behind this problem is writing an Email letter to the company and raise voice against the bad service and products related to that company.

How To Write A Effective Complaint Email

Important Tips To Write An Effective Email

Be Clear And Concise:

This states that clearly describe the the problem related to your item or service that you had bought. The important thing is to describe the serial or model number along with the name and seller location.

State Exactly What You Want Done:

Mention in the email that what step you want against that product and also state the reason that who long who can wait for the response but keep in mind that the reason should be acceptable.

Don’t Write And Angry, Sarcastic, Or Threatening Letter:

Keep in mind that to which you are writing the email is not responsible for your problem. Therefore you should be respectful to him/her as that person may become the source in between your problem and solution by helping you in solving it.

Include Copies Of Relevant Documents:

It is necessary to send all the documents related to your products or service like receipts, work orders, and warranty cards/paper. In some cases you are required to send the copies of emails or notes of conversations that you have had with the Seller. But remember keep the original copies safely.

Include Your Name And Contact Information:

Make sure that you have mentioned your name and contact information in the email as the answer to your email will be received back on the contact number or email id of    yours.

Steps For Writing Email

Address Your Email Directly To Specific Department:

If you are writing your email to Department, firstly search the department or organization customer support email address. Mention the address of the person or organization to whom you are sending the email.

Mention A Meaning Full And Exact Subject:

Mentioning a meaning full and exact subject refers to that while writing an email subject should be exactly appropriate to the problem which you are facing. In simple words we can say that subject should be so simple and understanding that the person who is reading the email should clearly identify the reason of writing your email to him/her. Do not write long paragraphs.

Writing In Respectful Way:

Start writing your email but you should keep in mind that to whom you are writing means that you are writing to the human being, who has his/her self respect more over that person is the employee in so and so organization. Therefore, you should respect him/her while writing an email.

When you start your email make sure that you have to use respectful words such as Mr. / Mrs. / Miss before writing their names and surnames.

Quickly Get To The Point:

After writing the name / Dear Sir etc quickly get to the point. Start describing your problems one by one regarding to that product. Also mention the true facts such as details regarding that product, its serial number, date of purchase, name of the seller and from where you had brought it.

Mention The Outcome That Will Satisfy You And Provide Time Limit:

This is very important to mention that want steps you want from the company or organization that will satisfy you such as if you want to replace, repaired or have any other compensation that you want from the company to solve kindly mention that too and provide the Time Limit too bur keep in mind that the limit should be relevant as the problem needs time to resolve.

Provide The Proof:

You have to attach the proofs related to the product such as bill of the product, barcode or any other document related to the product which may be termed as the proof of the product.

Finish Your Email Respectfully:

After completing the above stated details at last finish the email respectfully.

Be polite, humble and concise with providing short and full information. These are some of the procedure to write an effective complaint email.

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