How to Write a Complaint Email to a Company – Complaint Letter Procedure

How to Write a Complaint Email to a Company

How to Write a Complaint Email to a CompanyHow to Write a Complaint Email to a Company: Making a complaint doesn’t always have to be a negative thing – it can be good to let a company know if something isn’t to your satisfaction. Scribble or writing a complaint to a company is the best way to get your issue solved. There is no proper complaint letter procedure and it doesn’t include a magical formula for this but your email has to be adventurous. An email is the best way to complaining, as an email is a transient means of Writing a complaint. Email should not be complicated or scary – all you need to do is clearly state the facts and politely request a resolution.

As we are living in 21st century, so we have a possible right to complaint against dissatisfaction faced by us!! All we need to be smart, intelligent and clever as companies are. So before framing a complaint read ‘Consumer right acts’. While complaining doesn’t go mad, be calmed rational and cool. There are various Ombudsmen (Financial Ombudsman Service, Legal Ombudsman) and watchdogs such as (Competition and Market Authority, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)) that help in solving and getting through the individual complaints.

How to Write a Complaint Email to a Company

Address Your Email To The Customer Service Department:

When you’re thinking that How to Write a Complaint Email to a Company, your best chance of success will come from directing the email to the customer service department of the company.

  • Try to find out the name of the customer service manager or director and address your letter to them. Start your email with “Dear “, Mr., Mrs., followed by their surname.
  • Never address your letter to an anonymous customer services or complaints department. Get the name of someone reasonably senior – a second in command is a good place to start. For instance, write to the finance director of the company you are complaining to (his/her Name is probably on the company’s website).

Directly Come To the Point of the Email

  • The beginning of the email should be clearly directed, why you are hand scripting the email and what your exact complain is. Give as many relevant facts as possible, including the date, time and location where you made the purchase or received the service, along with any relevant serial or model numbers.
  • The recipient of the letter should be able to identify the point of the letter in less than five seconds.

How To Complain About A Travel Company

State Specifically What Outcome or Quick Fix Will Satisfy You

  • If you want compensation, provision, repair or replacement of that product then makes it clear in the email. Try to be as productive as possible in your comments, suggesting a way that you can move forward and continue your good relationship with the company.
  • If you want refund or compensation, then directly inform them about it, they will have little incentive to try to resolve the problem.

Affix Copies Of Supporting Documents

  • These may include Xerox copy of checks you sent, warranties, receipts, guarantees. All documents should be fixed with the letter itself.
  • Make sure that you send Xerox copy of every document, as original is not required.

Give Them Time To Resolve Your Issue

  • It is always suitable to provide an exact time to get resolve your issue. This will give you peace of mind and will help bring the issue to a quick and speedy conclusion.
  • Providing a time limit will also help to prevent the possibility of your letter becoming forgotten or lost about, which may lead to awkwardness and rancor between you and the company.
  • Make sure that the time given to resolve the issue should be reasonable.

End the Email Courteously

Thank the recipient for their cooperation and assistance .Let them know how and when they can reach you to resolve the matter. This will make their work easier.

You may be frustrated, but never get angry while expressing your complain. Write in a respectful tone and avoid making threatening, angry or rude comments as, complaints are the expression of dissatisfaction or bad quality service faced by the customer. Avoid going off on lengthy tangents. Be authoritative, actual, friendly, constructive and compact. The organization is prone to endeavor the defense process by suggesting that your case has no legitimacy, and once in a while it turns into a war of detritions.

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