How To Use Pendrive As RAM

If you are fed up of low RAM Memory in your PCs or in Laptops then here we are sharing a trick by which you RAM can be increased in PCs or in Laptops without any extra investment. With this trick, performance, memory and speed of the system will surely increase. With the help of Pendrive or flash drive it is possible. Now a question may arise here that How to use Pendrive as RAM? Is it possible?

The answer is yes. Pendrive can be used to increase the memory of PCs but before applying this method, make sure that this trick can also damage Pendrive or system if it can’t be used by appropriate method. So read step by step tutorial very carefully.

How to Use Pendrive as RAM?

  • Firstly plug in Pen drive in PCs/Laptops USB Port. Make sure that the memory of PD is minimum 2GB.
  • Now go to Start Menu and do a right click on “My Computer” Option.
  • Now choose the option “Properties” from Context Menu and go to the Advanced Tab.
  • Under Advanced Category, there are three options: Performance, User Profiles and Setup & Recovery. Now go on to Settings under “Performance”.
  • Now again go to Advanced Tab and choose the Change option under “Virtual Memory”.
  • Now select USB Pendrive and give the values of Initial Size and Maximum Size (1020 MB for 2 GB PD) under custom size option.

Note: This size is depends on the free memory capacity of PD. So this may change according to the size of Pendrive.

  • Now go to Set Button and then Choose OK.
  • Now restart the Computer or Laptop and the speed of the system will be increased automatically.


Don’t unplug memory device like (Pendrive or flashdrive) when it is used otherwise it will crash the system.

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