How To Use My Smartphone As A WebCam | For PC [Windows & Linux] Use

How To Use My Smartphone As A WebCam

Many asked a question “How To Use My Smartphone As A WebCam For PC [Windows & Linux]?” Well, we came across many apps, allowing the users to get a WebCam in their pocket, but only few of them stand on the promises.

If you are having an old smartphone with no front camera or have poor quality camera, you can do a lot with it. The best thing that you can do with your old smartphone is to turn it into a “Security Camera” to make your house safe and secure.

Besides this, if you want to make you mobile camera extremely good option to make video call, a Webcam is all you need. So check out the tips on how to use mobile camera as webcam and make your smartphone smarter than ever.

How To Use My Smartphone As A Web Camera

How To Use Mobile As Webcam?

Smartcam is a simple and user friendly application because it works through Bluetooth and WiFi both. IP Webcam is also a better contender of Smartcam apps but it works via WiFi only. Here are the steps which help the visitors to successfully install and integrate this app on their mobile phones.

  • Firstly download and install the Smartcam app in android phone. Desktop Client that visitors download is available for Windows and Linux. The procedure is similar for both the operating systems.
  • Now establish a connection between Phone and Computer by Bluetooth or WiFi as per your choice.

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To Establish A Connection, Viewers Need To:

[Open downloaded application in the phone first and select Settings from menu button. In Settings, Select Connection Type (Bluetooth or WiFi) and enter system’s IP address]

Note: If viewers don’t get the IP Address of the system then go to Start Menu and in Run type cmd to open a command prompt. Enter ipconfig/all and see the IP address.

  • Now open Smartcam application on your desktop and turn on phone’s WiFi connectivity.
  • Now connect the phone network to the same as that of system. With running application on the system, launch the apps in android phone and select WiFi under Menu.
  • After processing, the image of phone will appear on the desktop.
  • For Conferencing and video chat, select the application as source in Gmail or in Skype.

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Alternative Method To Set Up Your Smartphone as a Webcam:

If you are disappointed with the performance of IP Webcam, here’s another way to Use My Smartphone As A WebCam.

  • To make things happen, download & install DroidCam on your smartphone and on your computer.
  • Now you need to connect both the devices to the same network.
  • After that, open up the app on the smartphone and enter the Wi-Fi IP mentioned on the main screen.
  • Next, open the Windows client and paste that IP on your computer.
  • If in case you are facing low internet connectivity, you just need to open up the video quality drop down list and press on low.
  • After that you are required to press on “Start” tab.
  • You will get to see the video feed from your smartphone on the DroidCam Windows application.
  • You are recommended to keep your smartphone unlocked and keep the android app open; this will prevent minimal stutter and delay.
  • If your Skype is already in use, restart it and choose as the webcam “DroidCamSource1”.
  • Now you can use your smartphone as the webcam and enjoy video calling feature.

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So how well does your smartphone webcam hold up, take a test and let us know in the comments. These are few tips on How To Use My Smartphone As A WebCam, to get updated with more interesting facts, stay in touch with us though our web portal that is

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