How To Recover Lost Luggage From Airline | Find Lost Luggage – What to Do

How To Recover Lost Luggage From Airline

How To Recover Lost Luggage From AirlineHere we have disclosed some tips on How To Recover Lost Luggage From Airline. With the help of these tips you’ll be able to find your lost luggage and will also get to know what to do to safeguard your luggage.

If you are not a frequent traveler you must ensure that you have the proper knowledge to recover your baggage claim in case of loss. Well, you can also do much to secure your luggage to avoid such any future mishap. So checkout How to Recover Lost Luggage from Airline and make things convenient!

How To Recover Lost Luggage From Airline

Many of us come across a situation of losing baggage at the airport or during flight. Further we will tell you some steps for recovering your lost items from airline authorities.

  • The first important step is to immediately inform the airport authorities if you find that your bag/briefcase have been lost. This will help them in resolving the issue as early as possible.
  • The next step is telling the concerned department about where you had lost it such as either on the airport or in the flight or during inspection and also let them know when you had lost it. They will ask you to fill a form related to your lost articles.
  • You must mention in the form about the luggage details such as its color, size and shape and types of contents that your luggage contains. This will help them in quick recovery of your lost luggage.
  • In case you have lost your belongings on the flight then please mention about flight details such as flight timings, destination point and reference number too.
  • You can also check the status of your lost baggage either or the internet by entering the reference number and your last name or calling the airline administration department.
  • The administration authority will return your luggage within few days if they find it.
  • While receiving your bag don’t forget to check the contents. In case you find anything is missing or damaged then you can ask for compensation of your missing items.
  • You must submit your claim for damaged articles within 7 days after knowing that your baggage has been damaged.

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What to Do If An Airline Loses Your Bags

In such a situation, ensure that you get a written claim for your damages. Kindly note that lost luggage form is different from the “missing luggage” form. This form can be submitted at airport or by mail.

The maximum amount that an airline can recover is limited to $3,500 per passenger on U.S. domestic flights, but this value varies from airline to airline. However, you are required to submit receipts as a proof of the value of contents you had in your lost bag.

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You also have an option to purchase “excess valuation” protection from your airline if in case your checked baggage is worth more than the limit set for claim. However, you can also reach credit card companies and travel agencies which provide optional or automatic supplemental baggage coverage.

Basically, the airlines contain a long list of items like jewelry, money, and other valuables for which the airline shall not be held responsible of in case of any mishaps. To play safe, keep your valuable items at home or packed in carry-on bag.

What To Do In Case of Stolen Bags

Instantly reach the baggage carousel after getting off from your flight. This will help you in reducing the time of your bag to be stolen. Numerous of airlines scan bags when loaded into the baggage claim area.

These airlines maintain records of baggage and if in case some mishap occurs in the baggage claim area, your claim will directly reaches the police. To safeguard your consent, it is better for you to opt for travel insurance.

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How to Prevent Lost Luggage?

1. Put a name slip outside and inside of your bags. You can also put a copy of your itinerary in each checked bag.

2. Keep all the valuable items in your carry-on bags. Avoid keeping cameras, medication, wallets, heirlooms, computers, jewelry and other important documents in your checked baggage.

3. Late check-ins and tight connections is the most common cause of bag lost. So try to avoid both the situations.

4. Maintain a list of items that you are carrying in your bag, so that in case of loss you’ll be able to give the complete list of items that were in your bag when the airline asks you for such information.

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5. Ensure that the authorized person who verifies your baggage sticks the correct destination ticket to every bag, and get a claim ticket for each of your bags.

6. Opt for a travel insurance to recover your loss.

7. Make use of a baggage tagging service. With the help of this service you’ll get your luggage tags with unique serial numbers. This serial number is linked to you through an online database. If in case your suitcase is lost, the site will communicate with you as soon as your bag is found.

So these are the tips on How To Recover Lost Luggage From Airline, for more interesting facts, stay in touch with us through our web portal.

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