How To Locate My Lost Phone: Tips And Apps To Do It

Today mobiles have become a part and parcel of our lives. They have affected our lives to such a great extent that we feel paralyzed in absence of our smart phones. Today most of the people like to manage their stuff through phones. Whether it is about sending mail or making plans, people tend to use mobile instead of laptops. So it contains all the important and confidential data of a person and in case it gets stolen, one can misuse the information stored on it. So it becomes very important to keep your device protected, in case it gets stolen. After reading this article you can easily say I know How to Locate My Lost Phone. Here are some Tips and Apps to do it.

Some Tips & Common Applications

Where’s My Droid

It is the first app which is used to track down the missing device. It can turn the ringer volume up and make phone ring. It has following features:

  • GPS Locator
  • Password Protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
  • No battery drain

Android Device Manager

It is a new app which is launched by Google to locate and track cellular devices and tablets. It performs 4 functions which are as follows:

  • Location Tracking
  • Ring
  • Lock
  • Erase

Lookout Mobile Security

It is total security & antivirus software which protects the cell phone against loss. It provides Signal Flare that saves the cell’s last location and Lock Cam which helps in tracking the thieves by taking a snapshot and emailing it.

Plan B

If you have lost your cellular device without installing any tracking application then it is a best option to find. Plan B is a remotely installed application which is used to track the location of lost phone.


For more advanced protection users may also use GadgetTrak. As like Plan B, it also offers remotely installed tracker app by which lost device can be found by GPS location tracking system.

Hence one of these software’s installed in your phone can be really helpful you in tracking your phone and getting it back.

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