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How To Locate My Lost Phone

How To Locate My Lost PhoneFor most of us, smartphones has made our life really happening and also it is now a source to reduce daily boredom. But what if your electronic buddy is lost somewhere or someone has stolen it? To make things convenient for you, here are tips on How To Locate My Lost Phone.

Your smartphone may look ordinary but you can make this device more smarter by installing few apps that can let you find your Android, iOS, Windows Phone quickly. Besides using some amazing apps to track phone location, you can also turn on Google map, android device manager or Google location to find out the exact place where your device is.

Your lost or stolen phone may reach the wrong hands and one can misuse the information stored in it. To reduce this risk, you should consider some tips on How To Locate Android/ iOS/ Windows Lost Phone which are well discussed below.

How To Locate My Lost Phone

Some Tips & Common Applications

1. Locate Your Phone Using Google

In most of the Android phones contains of Find My Device feature. With the help of this, you can find your phone’s exact location within few minutes and you can also hear your phone ringing if it is nearby. This is what you need to do to enable find my device:

  • Go to phone’s “Settings”.
  • Tap on Security and then on Device Administration.
  • Press on Find My Device so that a checkmark appears in the checkbox.
  • Now you need to press on the back button in the top left corner of your screen.
  • After that, press on the back button again in the top left corner to return to the main Settings menu.
  • Press location in the main Settings menu and then chooses the switch beside Location at the top of the screen so that it turns on.
  • Tap Mode and then on High accuracy so the circle is filled in.
  • Next select the back button in the top left corner and press on Google Location History.
  • Press on the switch which is displayed under the Location History to turn it on.
  • Press the switch beside your device so that it turns on.

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2. Family Locator

This app is extremely useful GPS tracking tool for smartphones and is really useful for families with multiple phones in use. With the help of this app you can figure out the location of your family members within the map. This app also enables you to chat with people in your Circle and if someone’s phone is lost or stolen, the app will track it on the map.

3. Prey Anti Theft

This is another impressive app with which three different devices can be protected. This app permits you to lock your phone when it is stolen, take screenshots if your device is in use and also sounds an alarm if your phone is missing.

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4. Where’s My Droid

It is the first app which is used to track down the missing device. It can turn the ringer volume up and make phone ring. It has GPS Locator, Password Protection to prevent unauthorized app changes and No battery drain freature.

5. Android Device Manager

It is a new app which is launched by Google to locate and track cellular devices and tablets. It performs 4 functions which: Location Tracking, Ring, Lock and Erase facility.

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6. Lookout Mobile Security

It is total security & antivirus software which protects the cell phone against loss. It provides Signal Flare that saves the cell’s last location and Lock Cam which helps in tracking the thieves by taking a snapshot and emailing it.

7. Plan B

If you have lost your cellular device without installing any tracking application then it is a best option to find. Plan B is a remotely installed application which is used to track the location of lost phone.

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8. GadgetTrak

For more advanced protection users may also use GadgetTrak. As like Plan B, it also offers remotely installed tracker app by which lost device can be found by GPS location tracking system.

Hence one of these software’s installed in your phone can be really helpful you in tracking your phone and getting it back. To get updated with more tips on How To Locate My Lost Phone, stay in touch with us through our web portal.

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