How To Install A DTH

Once the subscriber has bought the DTH system, he/she can install it very easily using the guidelines mentioned in the manual or on the website. Moreover, customers can also call the technician for installation. Below mentioned points will let you know how to install a DTH and conditions required for receiving a channel broadcast.

  • Selection of site: The first step is to find a location for dish where it can receive signals without any interruption. The dish must be aligned to the external walls or on the roof.
  • Route making: The second step is creating a route for the cable between the dish and the receiver.
  • Mount assembling: Mount must be assembled separately from the dish to avoid any disruption in signals.
  • Dish assembling: Dish can either be aligned horizontally or it can be aligned vertically. Small dishes are usually pre-assembled.
  • Dish Security: This is a very important step for securing the dish with the help of the LNB.
  • Connection establishment: The electrical connection between the LNB and the receiver must be established properly with the help of copper or aluminum wire.
  • Antenna alignment and power on: Angle of elevation and declination must be set accurately and check the wire connection thoroughly and then turn on the power.

Now, we will explain some terms and conditions for receiving channel broadcast through DTH. The Grace period of 3 days or more is given to customer to recharge their account. During grace period, customer can enjoy the service without any interruption. Subscriber must have a minimum balance in their account to enjoy the service. Customer must have authorized set top box for accessing data signals transmitted by the service provider.

Hence, we can say DTH installation can be done easily and effectively by the subscriber.

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