How to Fix Hanging Problems in Smartphone – Hanging Reason with Solution

How to Fix Hanging Problems in Smartphone

How to Fix Hanging Problems in SmartphoneHow to Fix Hanging Problems in Smartphone? This question comes into your brain when you face this irritating dilemma. We are here to provide you all some useful hanging reason with their solution. Over and excess use of mobile phones leads to lagging… To get rid of these problems go behind some simple rules. We are here with some Hanging Reason with Solution helping you out if this situation.

Mostly, it becomes complicated for us to face this over irritating problem as our phone starts lagging and hanging…  Over the globe, billions of mobile users face this problem as it become regular these days. Using Smartphone become habitual and it affects our attitude, thinking capability, behavior, thoughts and ideas.

Smartphone plays an important role in our lives, as it becomes our daily need. Drastically, everyone feel half without a Smartphone. We spend most of the time using phones as we can obtain every kind of information 24/7….  But sometimes smart phone starts hanging which irritate the user and here comes the point:

How to Fix Hanging Problems in Smartphone

Hanging Reason With Solution

There are various reasons of hanging and freezing of a Smartphone….Some reasons are mention below along with their preventive measures –

  • Installing too many apps.
  • Unnecessary apps in phone.
  • Running multiple tasks while surfing.
  • Using phone when it become overheated.
  • Not deleting cache, cookies and log files.
  • Corrupted or outdated apps.
  • Using heavy themes.

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Installing Excess Apps

Keeping too many apps is the main reason behind lagging… so always keep necessary apps in your phone. Remove or uninstall unnecessary apps from your Smartphone, as it helps in avoiding freezing of phone.

Running Multiple Tasks While Surfing

Never run multiple tasks while surfing as it slowdowns the phone, as a result RAM is consumed a lot. So, if you want to get rid of this problem then you have to avoid performing multiple tasks while using internet.

Using Phone When It Becomes Overheated

Having too many apps, games, using phone while charging and running different tasks leads to haphazard overheating of phone. Relax!! Don’t panic just switch off your phone for some time and restart again. Secondly, try to reduce load from the processor or install “cool down” apps which helps a lot in avoiding overheating oh smart phones.

Not Deleting Cache, Cookies And Log Files

Free up your memory by deleting unwanted cache, cookies and log files. Having unwanted cache, log files and cookies is the main drawback of freezing .So; it’s good to remove needless files and other stuff from your phone. Free memory and update your phone, this will surely help you.

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Keeping Internal Memory Full

Having too much data in your phone’s internal memory is one of the prime reasons of hanging as it will take more time and becomes a lengthy process to load gallery, movies and music player. So try to keep some free space in your phone’s internal memory by removing unwanted images, movies, apps, contacts, videos, songs, messages which are needless.

Move Apps To External Memory

Try to keep your wanted data in SD Card, free up space from internal memory by moving apps, games, photos, videos and other important stuff to external memory. This will surely help in enhancing the speed of phone.

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Proper Exit From Applications

Mostly, many users don’t exit the apps or games properly after using, causing lagging of phone. Proper exit from applications will help in avoiding freezing up of your phone…Also speeds up the phone.

Optimize Gaming

If you are a lover of games and play a lot of games using your Smartphone, then you have to face over irritating dilemma of lagging …. You can boost up your gaming using Auto Killer Memory Optimizer or game booster… This will help in boosting up your game along with it free up some space & avoid freezing while game session.

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Restore Data Factory Setting

If above stated solution didn’t work then restore your Smartphone by clicking on the option of restore factory setting … It may also remove your data so first save all your data, contacts, photos then use this option..

All the preventive measures of freezing stated above will definitely help you and in making your Smartphone healthier and to get act in a good manner…. Because smart phones are the most lovable and popular thing without which anyone can’t even think to live…..

 It’s not consent to worry about, as this problem is get faced by each and every Smartphone user….. Freezing and lagging of Smartphone irritates us but there are various kind of apps which helps in avoiding this problem such as Clean Master, Cm Security,hola cleanup  and similar which helps in removing junk from phone, remove virus , scan SD card, boosts up the phone along with some helpful tools like CPU cooler, Manage photo and space, save battery….

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