How to do a Mobile Number Portability – Steps to Change Mobile Network

How to do a Mobile Number Portability

 This question may occur in your mind when you decide to port your contact number to another telecom company. Here we are with some working Steps that will tell how to do a Mobile Number Portability.

Sometimes, it becomes typical for you to stay with your current telecom service provider due to some issues.  But earlier 2011, it wasn’t possible to switch another network operator with existing number. But the wait was over after 2011!! Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India availed the facility of Mobile Number Portability for the customers who want to change their telecom service provider without changing their numbers.

How to do a Mobile Number Portability

How to do a Mobile Number Portability

According to Network Time Protocol (NTP), customers are now able to make mobile number portable (MNP) and at the same time they can retain their existing number, even when they move from one direction to the other. With MNP you are free to switch to any mobile network and enjoy their superb network, money plans, voice quality and customer services too.

MNP or mobile number portability is the way to toggle current telecom service provider to another mobile network along with your existing number. Yeah! You read it right! You don’t need to change your existing number. It’s quick and easy to do – you’re required going through the following steps discussed below to get detailed info on How to do a Mobile Number Portability to a new mobile phone network provider.

Steps to Change Mobile Network (Mobile Number Portability Procedure)

Contact the New Mobile Service Provider:

How to do a Mobile Number Portability

To begin with, you have to contact the telecom company within which you have to port your mobile number.

Type “PORT” <10 digits –mobile number >and send it to 1900. This will give you a eight digit UPC code number which helps to follow the porting process and procedure.

After sometime, you will get a message from 1909 that will contain that particular UPC Code along with UPC Expiry Date.

Obtain Customer acquisition Form (CAF):

How to do a Mobile Number Portability

After obtaining Customer Acquisition form (CAF), you will have to gather required and necessary documents such as

  • ID Proof
  • Address proof
  • One passport size photograph
  • Xerox copy of last bill (post paid subscriber)

Visit the Mobile Operator Showroom:

As soon as you get your UPC Code, take steps towards mobile operator showroom, along with the required documents.

  • At first you have to fill mobile porting form.
  • Buy a new sim card.

Select A Plan:How to do a Mobile Number Portability

The mobile number portability facility is relevant  for both pre paid and post paid users, as it gives a freedom to take the mobile number to every direction as well as you can retain your plan or get it changed with the service centre.

Fill up the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF):

How to do a Mobile Number PortabilityAs you receive the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) you need to fill the form with real and required information.This will help the company to provide you their interrupt free services. So this is a vital step you need to care about.

 Processing Time:

How to do a Mobile Number Portability

Some Networks provides mobile number portability to its customers and their porting requests will get processed within 24 hours. Further idea and Vodafone hadn’t provided any processing details.

Finally, obtain new sim card from the service provider.

Activation Process Of The Ported Number

  • Your new mobile operator provider will inform you the details regarding the time and date of Port Activation on your mobile number.
  • If any, changes would take place on the 7th working day.
  • Replace the old sim with the new one and enjoy the new network, voice quality and money plans.

Eligibility And Other Terms

  • You are latitude to move from one mobile operator to the other mobile operator only after a period of 90 days.
  • Customers who want to port their mobile number have to pay portability charges. The price is not nailed as it may vary.

Customers can switch to a new network without any prompt problem. Mobile number portable process can also be used in the case of transfer of Ownership as well. In this concern you need to give away documents. It is very quick and easy to do. Mobile Number Portability came on air on 1 January 2011; however the national roll out of the MNP across all the states and telecom centre accrued on 3rd July 2015

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