How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone – Tips for Picking, Smartphone Buying Guide

How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone

How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone

Today, numerous of renowned smartphones brands have accessed the Indian market, this has raised a question How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone that fits your need and pocket? Here are few tips for picking up the best smartphone available in the market.

Buying a cell phone may feels like an overwhelming process as there are lots of options to choose from. Here’s your personal guide describing some important tips to Choose The Best smartphone that matches your style.

You might be more comfortable in carrying a smartphone with small display or maybe you just want a phone with amazing camera quality, well it is good to consider your needs and desirous, but do not fail to check these key features in a smartphone before buying.

How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone

How To Choose The Best Smartphone?

Here are some handy tips which help you to pick best Smartphone



A processor mainly consists of two things, clock speed and number of cores, which you need to consider while buying a mobile phone. A processor may have multiple cores, and most of the Smartphone devices have.

If it doesn’t have multiple cores then the device will not work quickly and its processing speed goes on lower level. On the other hand, if the device has good processor then it will operate its functions really fast.

Clock speed depicts the speed taken by the processor to open a file. Clock speed is mainly resolute in Ghz and MHz where, GHz represents 1 thousand million cycles per second and MHz represents 1 million cycles per second. By multiplying clock speed with the number of cores you can ascertain the device processing speed.

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Mostly people prefer to buy a smartphone with big display, but we find a vast variety of display sizes in the market, providing different level of comfort. Mainly there are three kinds of screen sizes that are as under:

  1. Small screenSmall screen phones are convenient and easy to handle, but this is what its foremost disadvantage is, as due to small screen size people find it really hard to watch movies, playing games and enjoy other such stuff that needs a big display.
  2. Medium screenMedium screen phones are comfortable to use with one hand. Medium screen phone covers the disadvantages of small screen phones, making the device really compatible to the customers’ needs and desirous.
  3. Large screen: Smartphone with large screen are often known as “phablets”. Most of the people like to use large screen phones as it offers convenience in watching HD movies and one can browse internet easily. Its main disadvantage is that it is not at all easy to carry the phone with larger screen in the pocket or in hand. Moreover, you cannot use such smartphones with one hand.

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Design is the first thing towards which people gets attracted. While considering this factor, take into account the phone’s thickness, weight and colors.


Thick phones look outdated and old fashion and people also feel uncomfortable while using these types of phones. So keep in mind that ultra-slim phones look trendy and stylish and are easy to handle too.

Everyone like light weighted phone as it is easy to handle and one can tirelessly carry it for a long period of time. On the other hand, holding heavy Smartphone for a long period of time can make you tired, so while picking up a Smartphone judge its weight.

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People lay more focus on camera than processor or anything else, as this amazing feature helps the people to capture their memories. While purchasing Smartphone you should keep in mind that high resolution captures good quality image and extremely detailed photographs. Apart from this, also consider other features like flash light, video recording, secondary camera and image stabilization and HDR.

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Wireless charging is a gift of technological changes. Today, some of the smartphones are capable to charge the battery through wireless charging. In this, you just have to put your phone on charging plate and your phone is charged within few minutes.

Battery life refers to battery longevity and performance. While buying a mobile phone, ask for its run time on a full charge. Battery life also depends upon the model itself and upon the time taken to watch videos, play game, surfing, network connectivity, brightness, browsing on internet etc. If you do not want to face quick battery discharge issues, keep an eye upon highest charging capacity phone.

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RAMOne should check RAM while picking up a handset as both these features are equally important part of phones on which whole processing of the device depends. The RAM of a phone defines how many tasks it can perform at a time. Also, RAM helps in storing a lot of data, so try to take a handset having a RAM of 4GB or more.




The operating system is the software on which your phone’s operations depend. OS shapes the phone’s menu and also describes what type of apps does the phone supports. Choose the most appropriate operating system that suits your wants. You can buy the latest version of android or you are also having an alternative option to select window phone or iOS.

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Note: Hope now you can buy a smartphone at pocket friendly prices with the help of our guidance on How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone.

Smartphone’s are like mini computers with added features to make calls and click pictures wherever you go. Before choosing a phone look at the Tips for Picking the Right Smartphone and you will surely get an amazing handset that suits your needs.

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