How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone – Tips for Picking the Right Smartphone

How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone

How To Choose The Best Mobile PhoneAre you wondering or thinking How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone? Well, it’s a big deal to think on and we are not alone in this situation. As Smartphone are the daily need and indispensable companion of the people. Here we give you Tips for Picking the Right Smartphone which helps you to pick mobile phone according to your pocket allowance…..

We can say that Smartphone are people friendly device which keep them aware 24/7, about social media and outside the world. We can manage apps, e-mail, appointments etc only by choosing the best mobile phone which can perform multiple tasks without any problem….So picking up the right Smartphone according to the pocket allowance is a big deal to think on!!!!!

Most of the people feel insecure and panic while choosing a Smartphone…Well its right while picking a phone several questions come in mind related to features of the phone, battery life, sensor, display, hardware, camera and its internal memory and most importantly about the price of the phone.

We are providing you suitable steps to choose the best mobile phone which helps you to choose the phone and makes easy for you to pick device according to your needs and budget….

How To Choose The Best Mobile Phone

Here are some handy tips which help you to pick right Smartphone:


PROCESSORA processor mainly consist of two things on which we have to look on while buying a mobile phone and that is clock speed and number of cores. A processor may have multiple cores, and most of the Smartphone devices have. If it doesn’t have multiple cores then the device didn’t work quickly and its processing speed goes on lower level. And if the device has good processor then it should translate too faster, open up apps too faster, and helps in smoother game play and quicker photo editing.

Clock speed depicts the speed taken by the processor to open an appropriate file at a time. Clock speed is mainly resolute in Ghz and MHz where, GHz represents 1 thousand million cycles per second and MHz represents 1 million cycles per second… As soon as we get clock speed, multiply it by number of cores to ascertain the device processing speed.

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SIZE OF THE PHONEThe main preference people put upon is the size of phone as size is the only part of the story.  We will find a vast variety of display sizes…Mainly there are three kinds of screen-

1. Small screen 2. Medium screen 3. Large screen

  1. Small screen: Small screen phones are convenient and easy to handle and can be easily handed in pocket ….But its foremost disadvantage is ,its small screen where we face problem while watching movies, playing games and during browsing.
  2. Medium screen: Medium screen phones are comfortable to use with one hand. Medium screen phone gives a compliment to small screen phones as we can easily watch movies in it along with it we can easily browse in it.
  3. Large screen: Smartphone with large screen can oftenly called as ‘phablets .Most of the people like using large screen phones as it gives a range to watch HD movies and browse internet easily. But its main disadvantage is, its not be easily holded in pocket and we can use it by two hands….Commonly we should call it as two-handed device…..


DESIGN-Design is the thing on which almost all the people look on while buying a phone. While seeing on the design of the device, you have to look on its thickness, weight and colors etc…



Thick phones look outdated and old fashion and sometimes people also feel uncomfortable while handed these types of phones… So keep in your mind about the thickness of the phone, as ultra-slim phones look trendy and stylish and are easy to handle.

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Everyone like light- weighted phones as they are easy to handle and tirelessly held for a long period of time. While holding heavy Smartphone makes you tired … So while picking up a Smartphone keep in mind the weight of the Smartphone.


CAMERAPeople lay more focus on camera than processor or anything else, because camera helps the people to capture their memories and making videos… While purchasing Smartphone you should lay more emphasis on camera too, as a camera having high resolution gives you good quality image and extremely detailed photographs. You should also keep in mind about features like flash light, video recording, secondary camera and image stabilization and HDR …


BATTERY LIFE/ WIRELESS CHARGINGWe are in 21st century, in which technology take up its roots so far and wireless charging is a gift of technology. In these types of devices, instead of looking a charger, you have to simply put your phone on charging plate.

Battery life determines how long a Smartphone lasts on a charge….however, battery life is also depend upon the model itself and usage of gaming,surfing,browsing and watching videos. While picking up a Smartphone keep an eye upon the highest charging capacity phone as it increase battery life during calls.

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RAMOne should check RAM and ROM while picking up the handset as both are equally important part of phones on which whole processing of the phone depends. The amount of RAM defines how many tasks it can run at a time.

Also, RAM helps in storing a lot and masses of information, so try to take a handset having a ram of 4GB as it is better than having 2GB or 3GB. ROM is faster than RAM and it stores most important information. So, more RAM is always better.


OPERATING SYSTEMIn case of operating system, we’ll find many choices such as android, Ios and window phone. You can buy the latest version of android lollipop or you also have an alternative to select window phone or iOS …. The complication between these three can be easily looked as iOS is made up to work in a certain way whereas, Android can be made to work a lot of different ways and Android is known for its customizability and suppleness….

Buying a new Smartphone!!!YIPPEE… Yes you can buy it at pocket friendly prices by your intelligence and by our guidance provide above by us…Smartphone’s are like mini computers along with added features of calls and camera, so during choosing phone look upon the Tips for Picking the Right Smartphone provided above… That will surely help you!!

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