How To Check If My Computer Is Infected With Virus

The most common type of problem in computers is caused due to viruses. Unfortunately, the problem of viruses in computer occurs when there is no antivirus installed in system. It is a type of malware that can affect any part of the computer system and cause problem in functioning of computer. It can slow down the performance of the system. They are often spread by internet and output devices. How to check if my computer is infected with virus? Here are some indications by which you can check if your system is affected with threats or not:

Conditions of Virus Infection in PC:

  • Some threats corrupt the window or other installed programs. If this happens then there might be some trouble in the PC.
  • If the size of files fluctuates, even when they are not in use, then it is a sign of problem in the system.
  • If web Brower’s default home page changes automatically.
  • If your computer becomes unresponsive again and again.
  • If some new unrecognized icons appears on your home screen.
  • If your screen is showing lot of system error messages while starting or accessing the system.

How To Remove Virus From System

  • To remove the threats, you need to scan the system with a trusted antivirus program.
  • There are many threats that appear daily, so keep your antivirus program up to date.
  • Online scanner is also used to remove the viruses from your system.
  • With the help of Microsoft Safety Scanner, users may remove system threats.
  • Viruses can also be removed using some technical processes manually but these methods are limited to users who have registered version of windows with them.


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