How Can I Track My Courier – Simple Steps To Follow

Most of the courier service companies provide courier tracking facility to check the status whether courier sent by the customer has been delivered at proper place or not. You can check the status of your parcel by following some simple steps mentioned below:

  • In order to track your parcel status, you must have receipt of your parcel which contains reference number or docket number.
  • Now, you should have active internet connection for checking the status on the company website.
  • Once you visit the website you will come across a window that allow you to enter the reference/docket or AWB number of the parcel whose status you want to check  and also the name of the courier service company in case if you are using other than official site.
  • After entering the details correctly, you can check the current status of the courier which you have sent by pressing the submit button. It will also show the details related to your parcel such as destination country, shipment and product etc.
  • Sometimes, you enter the incorrect courier details due to which an error message is displayed such as invalid waybill or reference or order number. In that case you must verify your parcel details with the receipt and correct them to get status.

This tracking facility provide customer to check the current location of their parcel and also its importance can’t be ignored, with this facility you can also check the quality of service provided by the courier service company and ask for claims in case of damage during transportation and shipment of the parcel.

Therefore, we can say that courier tracking becomes easy and fast by following the above simple steps.

One thought on “How Can I Track My Courier – Simple Steps To Follow

  1. The Professional Courier Service is pathetic, the delivery staff did not attempt to call on mobile number to check about delivery address and sent the courier back to the place it was couriered from.

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