How Are 3G And 2G Services Different – Pros And Cons About Them

Today we can’t imagine life without internet with new technologies coming in, we have developed smart phones which uses internet to stay connected to rest of the world. The biggest and latest confusion is in between 2G and 3G services. In this article you will get to know how 2G and 3G services are different from each other and Pros and Cons about them.

Basically G stands for the “Generation” of the mobile network. Greater the number of G’s greater the power to send and receive information or data that helps in achieving higher efficiency through wireless networks.


2G networks are based on narrow band digital networks. The signals are transmitted digitally which improves the efficiency. It uses either TDMA i.e. Time Division Multiple Access or CDMA which is Code Division Multiple Access. TDMA divides signals into different time slots and CDMA allocates unique code to each user.

3G was first used in Japan in 2001. It refers to the speed of mobile devices. This technology provided high speed internet which enables video calling and video buffering possible on mobile devices. It provides better bandwidth to the consumers.

Pros and Cons of 2G Services

The most important advantage of this service is that digital signals require very little battery power so batteries of cell phones can last longer. 2G service is cheaper than 3G service and this service is available in almost all the cities.

Slow speed is one of the major cons of 2G service. It is not suitable for video buffering and making video calls.

Pros and Cons of 3G Services

3G service provides high speed internet which gives consumers uninterrupted and high class internet experience. Consumers can watch videos online and can also make video calls.

Some of the disadvantages of this service are:

This service is very costly as compared to 2G. Moreover, this service being new is not available in all the cities. It has limited availability.

Hence, both the services are different from each other in many aspects. One can choose the correct speed and service for him, depending upon their usage.

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