History of Courier Services in India – How This Facility Started

Courier services play an important role when it comes to sending parcels across the world. This article will briefly tell you about the history of courier services in India.

Courier service was started 15-20 years ago in metropolitan cities of India. With the time, this industry has now widespread reaching in small cities and some rural areas. Many private business firms use this facility as primary means for sending their goods and other products to customers due to its efficiency and reliability.

This service can be further divided in to three categories which are mentioned below:

  1. Intra city
  2. Inter city
  3. Air express or cargo

Some of the main reasons for rapid growth in this industry are advancement in technology, extension of business sector and liberalization etc. Most of the courier service companies also offer online courier tracking facility.

Some major companies providing courier facility are as follows:

DHL: It is a leading provider through sea and air with widespread reach covering automotive, chemical and fashion industry.

DTDC: The Company started its services in 1990, today it is one of the largest business firms in courier industry and it serves more than 240 countries across the globe.

First Flight: First flight started its operations in 1986 with its three locations at Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.

FedEx: It began its operations in 1987 in India and currently it has eight operating locations. It provides quick delivery, reliable and quality service with money back and online shipping tools with no extra charge.

Blue Dart: Blue dart is a leading courier service provider in South Asia and has its reach within 220 countries. The head office is located at Chennai and offer competitive advantage to its customers.

With that we can say this industry is growing at tremendous rate in India.

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