Ground Clearance of Vehicle – Its Importance and Requirements

Ground Clearance of Vehicle:

Ground Clearance or Ride Height is the term used in automobile industry. It means the space between the surface level and the underside of chassis of any four wheeler vehicle. It could be better understand, if you drive any Vehicle especially car. If ride height is high, then it will not touch the ground surface during crossing the hurdles on the road such as speed breakers, road delves etc.

Mostly four wheeler manufacturing companies take care about the underside of the chassis of the car, that it must be at proper height from the ground, so that maintenance results low and vehicle run safely for a long time.

Importance Of Ground Clearance:

Almost all teenagers are speed lover, then their first question while buying a four wheeler is that If their Vehicle able to run on such roads where large numbers of speed breakers and concaves are visible especially in India?

If the answer is positive, then there is no issue.  But if the answer is negative then it means the vehicles life will be short enough.

Ground Clearance of Vehicle Requirements:

Following are the measures by which visitors will realize the Requirements of Ground Clearance of Vehicle:

  • It will increase the life of the vehicle
  • It is useful to get around dirt roads on the way to trailheads.
  • People at the time of driving will feel secure if car will pass through the speed breaker and delves.


Finally to all buyers of cars, especially of India, don’t forget to ask about the Ground Clearance of your four wheeler vehicle before purchasing it

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