What Your Glasses Reveal About Personality | Frames Suits Your Personality

What Your Glasses Reveal About Personality

What Your Glasses Reveal About PersonalityGlasses frames come in different colors and shapes. It is really natural to pick up a pair of glasses that matches your taste, age and latest trends. To know what makes you unique from others find out What Your Glasses Reveal About Personality.

We all are blessed with different face cuts like heart, oval, round, oblong, square shaped. If you want to look classy all the time, you must wear glasses keeping in mind your face shape. To stand out of crowd, get to know the frames that suit your personality.

Shy person, waiting to break out his shell and enhance his external features to feel confident and strong enough to face the world, must choose to wear glasses. We will help you out in finding the frames that suits your face.

What Your Glasses Reveal About Personality

What Your Glasses Say About Your Personality?

Trendy Thick Black Frames

The people who are fond of wearing this type of frame imply that they own a young heart, they are bold, opinion generators and are really trendy. These dark, thick, heavier frames never go out of fashion.

Cheerful Patterned Frames

These types of frames are loved by most of the women. Bright colored glasses are usually preferred by older people who want to feel the golden time of youth again. These glasses represent a person with cheerful nature and someone who want to live life to the fullest.

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Aviators Are Designed For The Adventurous

People possessing these types of glasses are passionate adventure lovers. These types of people are usually risk takers, active and devoted to their work. They are cool and have a strong inbuilt.  They also know what they want and would do every possible effort to achieve that.

Fake glasses are a confidence boost

People wearing fake glasses are not only fashion freak, but there are many reasons behind this. Glasses add spark in their personality, make them look confident and they are also concern about how the world sees them (this also indicates their insecurity level).

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Spunky Tortoise Shell Glasses or Horn Rimmed

An independent and innovative thinker who is stylish and has a taste for vintage and art often uses these glasses. These glasses make them look spunky and confident. The wear is truly an extraordinary person with great sense of fashion.

Types Of Glasses Frames

  • The Minimalist Glasses: Semi-rimless / Rimless / Oval / Rectangle
  • The Hipster Glasses: Wayfarer / Round
  • The Rocker Glasses: Wayfarer / Cat-eye / Aviator
  • The Fashionista Glasses: Crystal accents / Precision details
  • The Bohemian Glasses: Oversized round / Exaggerated cat-eye / Square
  • The Athlete Glasses: Wraps / Semi-Rimless / Rectangle
  • The (not-so-old-fashioned) Nerd: Circle / Horn-rimmed

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Frames Suits Your Personality

Frames That Suit Your Face Shape

These days wearing eye glasses has become in the practice of most people just because they have to spend much of their time working on systems and also it is used as an accessories too.

Finding correct glasses is very important as it defines your personality and should be according to your face cut, deciding a frame according to the face is very difficult. One can check out the tips to choose correct eye glasses:

Oval Shape Face:

The Oval Face shape is most flexible because any type of frames suits this shape but before buying one should not purchase glasses which unbalance their facial features.

Heart Shape Face:

The Heart Face has big forehead and narrow jaw line, people having this face cut should go for a round shaped shades or a rimless glasses i.e., the shades whose lenses are not secured inside the frame.

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Round Shape Face:

The Round shape cut is having an equal length and width. Rectangular shaped glasses will suits this face cut.

Oblong Shape Face:

The oblong face shape has a long length then its width and the specs which will suit more to these features are rimless, semi rimless and the best will be round or square one. Avoid getting short frames.

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Square Shape Face:

Choosing spectacles for square shape face can be a difficult task to do and buyer need to go for the frames just opposite to their facial features and that could be round or oval spectacles.

As the facial features are different it is very difficult to find the right pair of glasses and in this respect one can find the frames which will suit more on their faces by stepping into the correct section of eye wear. Today you can see eye wear in different colors, sizes, shapes, and as per your personality you will have to pick up your style of frames.

This is What Your Glasses Reveal About Personality, to get more interested facts stay in touch with us through our web portal customer-carenumber.com

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