Formal to Casual Wear For Men And Women – Sense Of Fashion Reclaimed

Wearing clothes adds a value to your personality as people makes judgments at your first look because clothes say something about your individuality. Sense of wearing clothes should be that you should ditch the brand name and you can just wear which make you feel different, as individual style is not defined by brands or labels on clothes. The casual wear from men to women is different in contrasting occasions.

Casual and formal wear for men are different at special occasions. Formal wear is the alignment of all the dress codes which govern clothes worn to formal events. The traditional rules that govern men’s formal dress are closely noticed; from these derive the evening dress variants worn on many occasions, such as high school  prom night dances, formal dances, and industry entertainment award programs. Black coat with trouser, colored shirt and a tie dress code considered formal. Main articles that go with formal wear are: a (dress) tailcoat, formal trousers, white bow tie, white piqué vest (waistcoat), white front or plain stiff-fronted shirt with a detachable wing collar cuff links, and shirt studs black leather shoes, accessories.

Casual dresses are for a young man. Informals can be worn at any time such as denim jeans and t-shirts have been described as casual wears. These types of clothes are suitable for everyday use. Informal wear emphasizes on comfort and it includes wide variety of clothes.

Women are also not left behind as they also carry different styles at unusual occasions a formal dress for women is frock, gown, suits, and sarees. Suits consists of salwar, kameej and dupatta, Saree is a long strip of colorful multi-patterned cloth beautifully wrapped around the body, teemed with a blouse there are many styles in which you can drape it. Gown is also referred as evening or long gown which comes in variety of designs such as: straight, flurry, A-line, mermaid etc. Evening wear is also sometimes called as court dress due to its creation at royal court.

Comfort is the primary concern for any women either she is a house wife, working lady, college girl. Casual denotes wearing correct for picnic, courtyard or pool parties, casual suppers, and sporting events. Women informal wearing is mend for letting them feel relaxed in such clothes that could be worn at any time.

Therefore one should have sense to carry a style differently at several occasions and dressing accordingly is the perfect way to express yourself and your personality.

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