DTH Vs Cable – Why Will I Need a Set Top Box

Mostly everyone is using DTH or cable in their televisions but as the technology has improved in a far better ways as compared to many years before slowly the cables have been replaced by DTH. A new rule is prevailing in India by which one will only be able to view his/her favorite channels if the DTH set top box with televisions would be attached.

The Difference between DTH and Cable are:

  • The picture and sound quality are far better than cable.
  • DTH is cheap if compared to Cable.
  • Viewers can watch many channels of different languages according to their wish on DTH but in cables only selected channels are viewed.
  • In DTH you can set reminders of all programs you want to see and also you can record your programs and can watch it afterwards too but in cables once the program is finished then you have to wait till the day it is telecasted again.
  • The channels you don’t want to see can be locked just by sending one message and also you can unlock the channels by sending one message through the registered number in few minutes but in cable connections you do not get such facilities.

The Set Top Box is an external source of getting signals which is attached to the televisions and it improves the signals quality so that without any hindrance one can view their programs. This analog device needs 51% strong signals to give you the quality view. It also gives services such as movies on demand and one is free to watch only those channels which they intent to see and will only pay for the channels which are activated.

Set Top Box can be seen in most of the houses now a day with a lot better picture quality. As the signals are transmitted through satellites the rain may affect the signals of DTH and may hinder the viewer programs but the disturbance is temporally. But the fact should not be ignored that cable can get disturbed by other various reasons.


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