Difference Between Policy And Scheme – Factors That Can Explain Better

Policy is a set of rules that is applied or implemented by central or state government and private firms to achieve output and provide assistance in making decisions whereas schemes are developed to provide benefits to people. Some of the major differences between policy and scheme are mentioned below.

Policy Scheme
The impact of a policy is very wide within the organization or in the country if it is a central government policy. The impact of scheme is very limited, only certain sections of society can avail the benefits of a particular scheme.
Policies are generally made to apply certain rules and regulations within the country or in organizations. Schemes are mostly created to provide benefits to people.
The formation process of a policy takes lot of time as it will affect the large number of people when implemented. The creation process of scheme does not take much time and it is generally implemented for beneficial purpose of society.
Terms and conditions play a crucial role in policy implementation. Terms and conditions are not much important in schemes implementation.
Some policies have side effects too such as government may make a policy to increase taxes in order to generate revenue. Schemes don’t have any side effects.
It helps in decision making. It doesn’t help in any kind of decision making.
Amendments in policies are done after proper consideration and assessment. Modifications are done rarely and does not require much consideration.


Therefore, we can say that scheme and policy are two different terms and have their own consequences on the society. The above article will clear almost all of your doubts related to scheme and policy.

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