4G in india

4G stands for fourth generation; we are using 2G and 3G for access the internet in good speed on our portable accessories that we carry on daily basis but still we are not at all satisfied with the speed and features of it and want to have much better access then this. Once the technology is upgraded the 4G will take access on 3G. 4G will give much better services to its users.

The different features listed in it are:

  • It provides the services same as broadband gives.
  • 4G is presently much in use by the people of abroad and all their smart phones are supporting 4G networks but in India only few numbers of phones are available.
  • The 4G is IP based.
  • Transferring of data speed is high.
  • Number of technical specifications is upgraded as compared to 3G and 2G.
  • It has various versions such as: HSPA+, LTE and WiMax.
  • 3G covers the wide calling zone as compared to 4G.
  • In 3g the speed is 100 KBPS to 8 MBPS and in 4G it varies from 100 MBPS to 1 GBPS.
  • Low cost per bit.
  • Switching is message and packet.
  • It can easily access the applications which need higher speed and face to face chat seamlessly.
  • Higher links speed.
  • Downloads of multiple heavy files without any interruptions.
  • The coverage is wide.

People who wants to use 4G must have a phone of supporting system of 4G.Airtel has launched 4G networks in four cities i.e. Kolkata, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Pune and has proclaimed that soon it will introduce 4G connections in many other cities too. In connectivity, speed and security 4G is much better than 3G. 4G are affordable these days because of the various schemes. Over a period the communication and productivity has increased with 4G. One of the most advantageous factors in 4g is that where there is no connectivity to access the internet because of the bad road network but this network is determine to reach those places also.

Therefore 4G networks will increase the efficiency and advancements in the coming years. And India is looking forward to soon have 4G in its cities.

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