Top 10 Apps To Secure Your Smartphone | Windows/Android/Iphone Security Applications

Top 10 Apps To Secure Your Smartphone

With the emergence of high tech smartphones, laptops and tablets are slowly losing their grip on the market. This small but smarter device carry our contacts, messages, social sites and other personal stuff that makes them targets for thieves. Top 10 Apps To Secure Your Smartphone are introduced in this tech savvy world to make your smartphone experience more safe and secure. It is not false to say, our smartphone carry our whole world. So to secure your world, we are presenting best security apps that work on Windows /Android /Iphone/ iOS platform.

Best phone security apps are highly reliable and easy to use apps. Where some apps secure your data, others protect privacy. Also some apps helps to access more secure network and prevent unwanted advertisement & viruses and boost up the browsing experience. In short, these apps are made to wind up the wrong hands. So check out the Top 10 Apps To Secure Smartphone and find out what they do.

Top 10 Apps To Secure Your Smartphone

Applications To Secure Smart Phones

1. Opera VPN 

This app not only secures browser and specific apps but also protects the data entering in and out of your smartphone. This app is highly useful on a public network where the network is not much security.  The app helps the users to browse safely and prevent add trackers too.

2. LastPass

This app helps in managing all your login details. The app is highly secure and reliable. This app store passwords, sensitive personal data and more relevant stuff. You just need to remember is one LastPass password. The app is suitable for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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3. Lookout Phone Security

It is a free antivirus and anti-spyware security application that warns about the security risks for the mobile devices. It also let people know about their lost phone and back up its data. The app also notify about how to improve the security settings of cellular devices.

4. Find My iPhone

This is free application which is used to find misplace iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac device with the help of other iOS device. To use this, first install the app on other iOS mobile phone and sign in with Your Apple ID. This application will help you to find lost device on a map, lock your device and erase all private data on it.

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5. Avast Mobile Security

It is another app which is particularly designed for android phones. It is the most renowned and trusted security tool which is basically used in Computer & is now designed for phones too. It prevents numerous types of viruses which may harm your data.

6. Where’s My Droid

It is another phone tracking app which suits android devices only. The app works like Find My iPhone. With this, users may lock their lost cell phone and wipe the SD card to secure the data and information.

7. GadgetTrak

It is an app which is especially designed to track stolen devices but for iOS devices. It can also take a picture of the thief. If the device doesn’t support camera then it can still use to create tracking reports.

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8. Kaspersky

It is a software security tool which is mostly designed for Symbian and Windows phones. It supports many features which includes anti-theft, privacy protection, data encryption, firewall protection and so on.

9. Snap Secure

It will automatically back up the all data to online account so that one may store it or transfer it to other device if needed. It is also antivirus protection software that scans all of the applications that are used in cellular phones.

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10. Signal

This app is everyone’s favorite as far as encrypted messaging goes. This app is highly secure and you can use special features like VoIP phone calls, group chats, read receipts etc. It also features end-to-end encryption due to which only those people can read your missive who are receiving them.

So, these are the Top 10 Apps To Secure Your Smartphone. Upgrade your knowledge with more interesting and useful topics only at

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