Giffgaff Customer Service Number- Helpline Telephone Number Email Address

Giffgaff Customer Service Number

Giffgaff Customer Service NumberGiffgaff is a telecom company operating Mobile Virtual Network Operator by using the United Kingdom O2 network. The company provides online help and support 24×7. However, you can also choose to call on Giffgaff Customer Service Number and resolve your issues. 

The company offers many ways in which the customers can ask for customer care assistance. Below we have stated 0800 Giffgaff Customer Services Phone Number, Giffgaff Helpline Telephone Number, its email address and live chat direct link just for those who are facing any sort of issues concerning the services of Giffgaff.

Besides using Giffgaff Customer Service Number, you can live chat with Giffgaff community members and if you are facing issues related to your account that community members won’t be able to resolve, just ask an agent for help.

Giffgaff Customer Service Number

Giffgaff Customer Service Helpline Number

Different Ways By Which You Can Covey Your Issues Online

Search the Knowledge Base

The company offers Knowledge Base and Help space services which includes great support query handling articles to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. With the help of this, you can get tips from Internet SettingsUsing your phone abroad or fetch knowledge about your goodybag. Press here to access Help and Support section.

Ask For Community Help

To offer you the best grievance redressal services, the company has established a wonderful Community of members that are always online to resolve the doubts or queries of the customers.

Get Assistance Of Super Smart Agents

Here’s another way to get help in resolving some of the trickiest question related to your account (like billing queries). You can get assistance of the company’s agents to resolve those issues that can’t be resolved on the Help pages or the Community. Press here to Ask an agent for help.

If you are not satisfied with the solution you got from the company’s agents, you can escalate this through the complaints process. To file a complaint press here.

Giffgaff Customer Service Contact Number

These are some of the Giffgaff Contact Number/ Giffgaff Phone Number to help you in the final stage of transferring your number. Use the below placed numbers with your new Giffgaff account while you tell your current provider you are leaving, and you want a PAC code, NOW!

Giffgaff Customer Services Phone Number:
O2 Disconnections/retentions
0800 0288151
Giffgaff Customer Services Phone Number:
O2 Customer services
0800 0321402
Giffgaff Customer Services Phone Number:
Orange Disconnections/retention
0800 0797777
Giffgaff Customer Services Phone Number:
Orange Customer Services
0800 801080
Giffgaff Customer Services Phone Number:
Vodafone Portability helpline
0808 0945945
Giffgaff Customer Services Phone Number:
Vodafone Customer services
0808 0000166
Giffgaff Customer Services Phone Number:
Virgin Mobile Customer Services
0800 0520837
Giffgaff Customer Services Phone Number:
Tesco Mobile Customer Services
0800 0152006
Giffgaff Customer Services
Number: Asda Mobile Customer Services
0500 100055
Giffgaff Phone Number:
Three mobile Customer Services
0800 3584844
Giffgaff Customer Service Number:
Vectone Customer Services
020 7536 4800
Giffgaff Services Number:

Lebara Mobile Customer services

020 7480 4500
Giffgaff Customer Care Phone Number:
Nomi Mobile Customer Services
0800 0320791
Giffgaff Customer Services Number:
Talk Mobile Customer Services
0800 0494401
Giffgaff Toll Free Number:
T-Mobile Customer Services
0800 9562208

*0800 are Giffgaff Customer Service Toll Free Numbers. 0500 assuming free, and 01/02 will be 8p p/min outside inclusive. These numbers may change/discontinue without notice.

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Giffgaff Headoffice Address:

260 Bath Road,
Slough, Berkshire

Giffgaff Customer Service Number: 4196996

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Facts About Giffgaff

Giffgaff is a no-contract, pay-as-you-go mobile network that allows its customers to enjoy a flexible mobile service. It is owned by O2 and began operating in the UK in 2009. Its services include mobile phones, software applications, SIM plans, internet, broadband, and many more.

The company is mainly known for offering different types of SIM Cards like standard sim card, mini sim card and micro sim card, which support the 2G, 3G, and 4G standard technology. The services provided by the company supports many branded mobiles from the top manufactures such as HTC, Samsung, Sony and Nokia.

Running on the O2 network, it is an online-only company and has no high street stores or call centers. The company has sponsored two shows namely The Big Bang Theory and Rude Tube.

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Awards & Recognition

It received several awards such as the Award for Best Pay-As-You-Go Network in the 2013 year, Forrester Groundswell Award, Most Innovative Community Award, and many others for its services in the field of mobile telecommunication.

In 2010, Giffgaff won two industry awards, the Forrester Groundswell Award in November, also the Most Innovative Community Award at the Social CRM Customer Excellence Awards. People can get all the latest news, technology, and other information by subscribing for Giffgaff social media profile links.

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How To Contact The Customer Care Team?

While the reasons for the calls may be different but the issues that prompt them are basically the same. People usually call on Giffgaff Customer Service Phone Number if they need help with Changing their Goodybag plan, Upgrading handset, Reporting their phone lost or stolen, change payment plan and Topping up their Giffgaff SIM.

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Calling the Giffgaff Customer Service Number/ Giffgaff Customer Services Phone Number is not the only way through which a customer can get in touch with their service representative. Their social media and email assistance are among the best to solve Giffgaff related problems.

Note: For more details about Giffgaff Customer Service Number/ Giffgaff Customer Services Phone Number, kindly visit the Official Website.

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