Compaq Customer Care Number

Compaq Customer Care Number

Service Toll Free No. Official Website
 Contact Details  (800) 888-0220

Compaq is a firm deals within the field of Computer  and electrical piece of equipment such as laptops, etc. It was a company founded in the year 1982 which developed, sold, and supported computers and connected products and services. Compaq produced some of the first IBM PC compatible computers, so being the first company to legally reverse engineer the IBM Personal Computer.

It grows to become the largest supplier and dealer of PC systems during the 1990s before being overtaken by HP in 2001. The Compaq brand remains in use by HP for lower-end systems. Compaq Company was established in the month of February in the year 1982 by three senior managers Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto from semiconductor producer.

Besides all, there are some other products of Compaq as Compaq Desk Pro, a 16-bit desktop computer using an Intel 8086 microprocessor, Compaq System Pro, notebooks, Servers, Telecommunications equipment, Software etc.

Head Office Address:

P.O. BOX 692000
Houston, TX 77269-2000

  • Phone: 1800-4254-999

Fact File:

The company is mostly deals in laptops, UPS and computer accessories etc. There are hundreds of employees which are working in the company and Compaq Company is also much dedicated towards their customers, employees and clients. It is now working to grow as one of the most competitive providers among all other companies in our nation.

It produces the invention of such type that can serve and satisfy many people and make their lives easier and more happening with the technology. Their products are setting up successfully over 120 countries and serve over one billion users worldwide. Also it’s having offices in almost all the foreign countries and now they are planning for something new and quite innovative.

Note: Consumers, for more information regarding HP-Compaq, please visit the Official Link.

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