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Fidelity Investments Customer Service

To achieve organizational objectives, proper financial services are extremely important. Check out Fidelity Investments Customer Service Number 800-343-3548 and get to know about the efficient financial services that are being offered by firm.

Fidelity Investments helpline number is given so that you can call on it to get the good description about its investment facilities. Moreover, if you are already a registered customer of this financial organization and have any query, then Fidelity Investments contact number lines are opened 24 hours.

Fidelity Investments Customer Service Helpline Number

Thereby, you can also file your complaints at Fidelity Investments Customer Service email id. So, all the essential details about this multinational finance service provided corporation such as Fidelity Investments Customer Service phone number for India and outside India.

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Fidelity Investments Customer Service Number

Fidelity Investments Customer Care Contact No

  • Fidelity Investments Customer Service no (Calling From the U.S.): 800-FIDELITY or 800-343-3548
  • Fidelity Investments customer care number: 800-835-5095
  • Official Website:,

Fidelity Investments Customer Service Number – Department Wise

Services Fidelity Investments Customer Service helpline number Fidelity Investments Customer care hours
401(k), 403(b), 457, health plans, pension, HR/payroll, and Workplace benefit plans NetBenefits® representative: 800-835-5097 Mon.–Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET
TTY services For the deaf or hard of hearing: 800-544-0118 Available 24/7
Fidelity Automated Service Telephone (FAST®) Fidelity Automated Service Telephone (FAST®) : 800-544-5555
International trading International trading representative: 800-544-2976 Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET
Portfolio Advisory Services Fidelity managed account representative: 800-544-3455 Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET
ATM/debit and credit cards
  • Fidelity® Visa® Gold Check Card : 800-323-5353
  • Fidelity® Rewards Visa Signature® Credit Card: 888-551-5144
  • Fidelity HSA® Debit Card : 888-377-0323
Available 24/7
Fidelity Charitable planning
  • Existing Fidelity Charitable accounts: 800-952-4438
  • New Fidelity Charitable accounts: 800-262-3518
Mon.–Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET
  • Existing annuities: 800-634-9361
  • AnnuityLink® automated service telephone: 800-634-9361
  • New annuities: 800-345-1388
Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET
Term life insurance
  • Existing policies: 888-343-8376, enter 3
  • New policies: 800-642-6904
  • Mon.–Wed., 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET
  • Th–F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET


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Fidelity Investments Customer Service Toll-free numbers – Outside the U.S.

Country Fidelity Investments Customer Care Number
Fidelity Investments Customer Service Number: Albania 00-800-0010
American Samoa 1-800-544-6666
Angola 808-000-011
Anguilla 1-800-225-5288
Antigua and Barbuda 011-800-544-66666
Argentina 0-800-222-1288
Armenia N/A
Aruba N/A
Australia 0011-800-544-66666
Austria 0800-200-288
Bahamas 1-800-858-8920
Bahrain 8000-0632
Bangladesh 157-0011
Barbados 1-800-858-8920
Belarus 8*800101 (*Wait for the dial tone.)
Belgium 0-800-1-3236
Belize 811
From hotels only: 555
Benin 102
Bermuda 011-800-544-66666
Bolivia 800-10-1110
Bosnia 00-800-0010
  • 0800-8888-288
  • 0800-890-0288
British Virgin Islands From outside U.S. only: 1-800-872-2881
Brunei 800-1111
Bulgaria 00-800-0010
Cambodia 1-800-881-001
Canada 800-544-6666
Cape Verde 0800-2288
Cayman Islands 1-800-858-8920
Chile 800-225-288
Chile – Easter Island 800-800-311
China North Regions:

  • 10-800-711-8920
  • 00-800-544-66666
  • *Alt. 108-888
South Regions:

  • 10-800-110-8920
  • 00-800-544-66666
  • *Alt. 108-11
Colombia 01-800-911-0010
Cook Island 09-111
Costa Rica 0-800-0-114-114
Croatia 0800-220111
Cyprus 800-90010
Czech Republic 00-800-222-55288
Denmark 00-800-544-66666
Diego Garcia 999-288
Dominica 1-800-225-5288
Dominican Republic From outside U.S. only: 1800-872-2881
  • 999-119
  • 1-800-22-55-28
  • 1-800-999-119
Egypt Cairo: 510-0200
Outside Cairo: 02-510-0200
El Salvador 800-1785
Estonia 800-12-001
Fiji 004-890-1001
Finland 0800-1-156409
France 00-800-544-66666
French Antilles 0800-99-0011
French Guiana 0800-99-0011
Gabon 00*001 (*Wait for the dial tone.)
Gambia 00111
Georgia 8*0288 (*Wait for the dial tone.)
Germany 00-800-544-66666
Ghana 0191
Gibraltar 8800
Greece 00-800-1311
Grenada 1-800-225-5288
Guadeloupe 0-800-99-00-11
Guam 1-800-225-5288
Guatemala 999-9190
Guatemala City 138-126
Haiti 183
Honduras 800-0-123
Hong Kong 001-800-544-66666
Hungary 00-800-544-66666
Iceland 00-800-22255288
India 000-117
Indonesia 001-803-1-532-0623
Ireland 00-800-544-66666
  • 00-800-544-66666
  • *Alt. 1-80-949-4949
  • 014-800-544-66666
  • *Alt. 1-80-922-2222
Italy 00-800-544-66666
Ivory Coast 00-111-11
Jamaica 0800-858-8920
Japan 010-800-544-66666
Jordan 1-880-0000
Kazakhstan 8*800-121-4321 (*Wait for the dial tone.)
Korea, Republic of 002-800-544-66666
Kuwait N/A
Latvia 800-2-288
Lebanon Beirut: 426-801
Outside Beirut: 01-426-801
Liechtenstein 809-2288
Lithuania 8*800-900-28 (*Wait for the dial tone.)
Luxembourg 0800-4409
Macau 0800-111
Macedonia 99-800-4288
Malaysia 00-800-544-66666
Malta 800-901-10
Marshall Islands 1-800-225-5288
Mauritius 01-120
Mexico 01-800-288-2872
If first number does not work: 001-800-462-4240
Micronesia (Federated States of) 288
Monaco 800-90-288
Montserrat 1-800-225-5288
Morocco 002-11-0011
Netherlands 00-800-544-66666
Netherlands Antilles 001-800-872-2881
New Zealand 00-800-544-66666
Nicaragua 174
Norway 00-800-544-66666
Pakistan 00-800-01001
Palau N/A
Panama 001-800-858-8920
Papua New Guinea N/A
Paraguay 008-11-800
  • 0-800-50-288
Philippines 00-800-544-66666
Poland 0*0-800-111-1111 (*Wait for the dial tone.)
Portugal 00-800-544-66666
Qatar N/A
Reunion 0800-99-0011
Romania 0808-03-4288
U.S. Military Bases only: 021-801-0151
Russia Moscow or Saint Petersburg 363-2400
Other Cities: 8*10-800-110-1011
Otherwise: 8*495-363-2400
Saipan 1-800-225-5288
San Marino 800-172-444
Saudi Arabia 1-800-10
Scotland 00-800-544-66666
Senegal 800-103-072
Sierra Leone 1100
Singapore 001-800-544-66666
Slovakia 0800-000-101
Solomon Islands 0811
South Africa 0-800-99-0123
Fidelity Investments Customer Care Number: Spain 900-93-1175
Sri Lanka 430-430
St. Kitts and Nevis 1-800-225-5288
St. Lucia 1-800-225-5288
St. Martin 1-800-858-8920
St. Pierre and Miquelon 0800-99-0011
St. Vincent and the Grenadines 1-800-225-5288
Suriname 156
Sweden 00-020-793-824
Switzerland 00-800-544-66666
Taiwan 00-800-544-66666
Thailand 001-800-544-66666
Trinidad & Tobago 1-800-858-8920
Turkey N/A
Turks and Caicos Islands 1-800-225-5288
Uganda 800-001
Ukraine 8*100-11 (*Wait for the dial tone.)
Fidelity Investments Customer Service Contact Number: United Arab Emirates (UAE) 0-800-121
U.S. Military Base: 0-800-151
United Kingdom 00-800-544-66666
Uruguay 000-410
Uzbekistan 8*641-7440010 (*Wait for the dial tone.)
Venezuela 0800-100-2186
Vietnam 1-201-0288
Yemen N/A
Zambia 00-899
Zimbabwe 110-98990


Fidelity Investments India Email Address

For investment / fund related queries [email protected]
For employment or job related queries [email protected]
For vendor relations/support [email protected]
For campus recruitment related queries [email protected]
For media and other queries [email protected]


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Fidelity India Corporate Office

Fidelity Business Services India Pvt. Ltd.,

Embassy Golf Links Business park,

Off Intermediate Ring Road,

Bangalore 560 071

  • Fidelity investments customer service Phone No: +91 80 4012 6000- 6691 6000 (This is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)
  • Fax Number: +91 80 6735 7800.

Fidelity Investments India Locations


Fidelity Business Services India Pvt. Ltd.,

Embassy Golf Links Business Park,

Off Intermediate Ring Road,

Bangalore — 560 071

  • Phone : +91 80 4012 6000 – 6691 6000


Fidelity Business Services India Pvt. Ltd.,

Manyata Embassy Business Park,

Outer Ring Road (Hebbal – Krishnarajpuram Section),

Opp. BEL Corporate Office,

Bangalore — 560 045

  • Phone: +91 80 4033 5000


Fidelity Business Services India Pvt. Ltd.,

8th and 9th Floor, Neville Tower,

Tril Info Park Pvt. Ltd. SEZ,

Ramanujan IT City,

Old Mahabalipuram Road,

Taramani, Chennai — 600 113, Tamil Nadu

  • Phone: + 91 44 4031 1010


Fidelity Business Services India Pvt. Ltd.,

6th Floor, Cambridge Tower,

Tril Info Park Pvt. Ltd. SEZ,

Ramanujan IT City,

Old Mahabalipuram Road,

Taramani, Chennai — 600 113, Tamil Nadu

  • Phone: + 91 44 4031 1010

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the tax implications and distribution options for taking a withdrawal from my workplace savings?

These options totally depend on your company’s plan rules and the type of withdrawal you are making request for. If you want to know more about the tax implications and distribution options just log in to the Rollovers and Withdrawals section of Net Benefits.

  1. Can I add or update beneficiaries for my accounts online?

Yes, you can easily and conveniently review and make changes to your account beneficiaries under Your ProfileLog In Required.

It is to be noted that not all accounts are eligible for electronic updates. To fetch complete details about beneficiary updates, just go through the official website or call the customer care team.

  1. What are the options for the money in my workplace savings account if I leave my employer?

You must be aware of all of the options for managing your existing retirement savings. To learn about such options, review this comprehensive list.

  1. I have a specific question about my 401(k) plan. Where can I learn more?

Visit the official website of NetBenefits to get perfect solutions of your queries about the features of your 401(k) plan or you may also contact at Fidelity Investments Customer Service Number.

  1. I have a question about my password and username.

If you’ve never logged in to your account, visit the New User Registration page on the official website of the company. For assistance concerning your username or password, start by verifying your identity at the “Register Now” page

  1. How do I change my username, password, and other login information?

You can change your username, password, or security questions any time at Your Profile Login Required. After logging in to your account, select Security Settings then Log in/Password tab

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  1. Where can I update my personal information, such as my name, phone number, email, or mailing address?

Under Your ProfileLog In Required, you can easily and conveniently make modification in your personal account information.

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Facts About Fidelity Investments Customer Service

Actually, this financial service offering organization is located in Boston with several kinds of investment related products such as investment management, mutual fund etc. The Edward C. Johnson II has set up this company in 1946.

Through fidelity customer service number, it will be easy for you to know about the latest investment services. The fidelity investments customer care number is the most reliable tactic to ask or clear your doubts related to the services it offers to the customers.

So, this is all about Fidelity Investments Customer Service Number, visit the Official Website of the company for more details and stay tuned with us at

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