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DD Direct Plus Customer Care

DD Direct Plus Customer CareAs we all know that Doordarshan is an Indian broadcasting service provider by the government it is division of Prasar Bharati. Thus, it ensures best DD Direct Plus Customer Care. For the sake of their customers, the company has set up Free Dish DTH 24×7 Number so whenever you are facing any problem regarding its services you must call to DD Direct Plus Toll Free Helpline Number. Customers having any query, complaints, grievances or request are free to call anytime, customer care service team is always there for you to solve your problems. Besides DD Direct Plus Customer Care number we have also provided other contact detail of different representatives of the company so you can also call to them for your queries. Customer you must go through this page to get all contact details for DD Direct Plus Customer Care purpose which listed below for your reference.

This Page Includes:

  • DD Direct Plus Customer Care Number
  • DD Direct Plus Email-Id
  • DD Direct Plus Head Office Address

DD Direct Plus Customer Care Number

  • 1800-111-112 (Toll Free)
  • 011-2338-3348
  • 088-8888-8888

DD India (DG: DD Directory) Number

Person Name Office Tel E-Mail Address
Smt. Supriya Sahu (Director General) 23386055 [email protected]
Mr. Deb Burman (OSD to DG) 23382028/ 23384923 [email protected]
Mr. C. B. S. Maurya (E-in-C) 23388113 [email protected]
Mr. V. P. Sadana (PS) 23387380 [email protected]
Ms. Neelam Agrawal ( PS)
Ms. Veena Jain (DG (NEWS) 23097601 [email protected]
Ms. M. Kamala Devi (PS)
Dr. Shailendra Kumar (ADG (Admn.)) 23383396 [email protected]
Ms. Usha G. Rajeev (PPS)
Mr. Deepak Ashish Kaul​ (ADG(F)) 23097553 [email protected]
Ms. Komalam.S (PA)
Ms. Deepa Chandra (ADG (P)) 23382093 [email protected]
Mr. Ashwani Kumar (PS) 23383730
Ms. Sangeeta Goel (ADG (P)) 23381538 [email protected]
Ms. Seema Rauthan (PA)
Mr. P. K. Subhash (ADG (P)) 23381370 [email protected]
Mr. M. L. Ganjoo (PS)
Mr. Rajshekhar Vyas (ADG (P)) 23383569 [email protected]
Mr. I.S.Kataria (PPS)
Mr. O. K. Sharma (ADG (E)) 23385298 [email protected]
Ms. Lalita Mohan (PS)
Mr. S. K. Aggrawal (ADG (E)) 23385009 [email protected]
Mr. Ratan Chakraborty (PA) 23073728 [email protected]
Mr. Sunil (ADG (E)) 23385183 [email protected]
Ms. Sunita (PS)
Mr. J. K. Chandira (ADG(E)) 23386603 [email protected]
Mr. Chander Prakash (PS) 23386603, 23382452 (F)
Air Cdre Ranjan Mukherjee (ADG (CRD/DCD)) 23097519 / 23387782 [email protected]
Mr. P. Laxmanan (PS) 23387782
Mr. Vinod Chawla (PS) 23097519
Mr. L.R.Vishvanathan (ADG (Kashir & Social Media)  — [email protected]
Dr. Amarpreet Duggal (CVO) 23386718 [email protected]
Ms. C. Jayashree (PA) 23386718 / 23097596(F)
Lt. Col. Rohit Singh Sahi (DDG (Security & MPD)0 23384993 [email protected]
Mr. Dheeraj Patel (PA)
Mr. K. D. Kalpit (DDG (P) 23385958 [email protected]
Ms. Neerja Tripathi (PS)
Ms. Rashmi Pradhan (DDG(P)) 23386745 [email protected], [email protected]
Ms Janki Sharma (PA)
Mr. S. A. Tripathi DDG (DCS/DCD) 23383524 [email protected]
Ms. Manju Arora (PS)
Mr. Shashi Bhusan Mukesh (DDG (E)) 23385783 [email protected]
Ms. Aarti (DEO)
Ms. Neeru Sharma (DDG (F) 23381934 [email protected]
Ms. Rajni Sharma (PPS)
Mr. A. Kulshreshtha (DDG (E) 23386721
Ms. Komal Malhotra (DEO)
Mr. A. K. Jha (DDG (E)) 23385370 [email protected]
Ms. Rajbala (PA)
Mr. Y. K. Singh (DDG (E)) 23071189 [email protected]; [email protected]
Ms. Shailaja Rajesh (PA)
Mr. Mukesh Kumar Garhwal (DDG (E)) 23385377 [email protected]
Ms Sangita Katyal (PS)
Mr. M. S. Duhan (DDG (E)) 23383840 [email protected]
Ms. Vidhi Singhal (PA)
Mr. R. K. Verma (DDG (E)) 23385385 [email protected]
Ms. Deepa (PA)
Ms. Mitali Chatterjee (DDG (E)) 23383312 [email protected]
Ms. Sunita Kumari (PA)
Mr. U. K. Mandal (DDG (E)0 23382667 [email protected]
Ms. Priyanka (PA)
Ms. Ruchi Agarwal (DDG (IR)) 23386612


[email protected]
Mr. Satyendra Sharma (PA)
Ms. Neelam Chaturvedi (DDP) 23389722 [email protected]
Mr. Prateek Bhardwaj (Deo)
Mr. Baiju Chandran (DDP) 23386062 [email protected]
Mr. A.S.Bedi (Associate)
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (DDA) 23097512 [email protected]
Ms. Seema Katria (Steno)
Mr. R. N. Jha (DDA) 23388354 [email protected]
Mr. Randhir kumar (Steno) 23387284
Mr. H. S. Chhabra (DDA) 23073751 [email protected]
Ms. Shruti (Steno)
Mr. K. C. Sharma (DDA) 23097521 [email protected]
Mr. Devendra Singh Yadav (PA)
Mr. Manoj Kumar (DDA) 23388429 [email protected]
Ms Bharati Virat
Mr. Dileep Kumar Bhat (DDA) 23070799 [email protected]
Ms. Komal (PS)
Mr. P. Manoharan (DDA) 23389681 [email protected]
Ms. Neha Raheja (PA)
Mr. Arvind Kumar Suraj (DDA) 23389232 [email protected]
Ms. Namita Dixit (PA)


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DD India Additional Director General / Dy. Director General Customer Support Number

Name Contact details Email Address
Air Cdre Ranjan Mukherjee

(Additional Director General)

+91 11 23387782 [email protected] Doordarshan Bhawan, Copernicus Marg New Delhi – 1100
Shyam Narayan Singh (Dy. Director General +91 11 23097540 [email protected] Doordarshan Bhawan, Copernicus Marg New Delhi – 110001


DD India Important Contact Details

Person Name Contact details
Smt. Supriya Sahu (Director General) +91-11-23386055 /23388159
Mr. C. B. S. Maurya (E-in-C) +91-11-23388113
Ms. Veena Jain (DG (NEWS) 91-11-23097601
Dr. Shailendra Kumar (ADG (Admn.) +91-11-23383396
Mr. Deepak Ashish Kaul​ (ADG (F) 91-11-23097553
Ms. Deepa Chandra (ADG (P)) 91-11-23382093
Ms. Sangeeta Goel (ADG (P)) +91-11-23381538
Mr. P. K. Subhash (ADG (P)) +91-11-23381370
Mr. S. K. Aggrawal (ADG (E)) +91-11-23385009
Mr. Sunil (ADG (E)) +91-11-23385183
Air Cdre Ranjan Mukherjee (ADG (CRD/DCD)) +91-11-23097519
Mr. S. A. Tripathi DDG (DCS/DCD) +91-11-23383524/ 23387993
Ms. Neeru Sharma (DDG (F)) +91-11-23381934
Mr. A. K. Jha (DDG (E)) +91-11-23385370
Mr. U. K. Mandal (DDG (E))  +91-11-23382667
Ms. Ruchi Agarwal (DDG (IR)) +91-11-23386612
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (DDA) +91-11-23097512
Mr. R. N. Jha (DDA) +91-11-23388354
Mr. K. C. Sharma (DDA) +91-11-23097521
Mr. Manoj Kumar (DDA) +91-11-23388429
Mr. Dileep Kumar Bhat (DDA) +91-11-23070799
Mr. P. Manoharan (DDA) +91-11-23389681
Mr. Arvind Kumar Suraj (DDA) +91-11-23389232
Lt.Col. Kalyan Das (DDA) +91-11-23073751
Shri S.C. Misra (DDG (E)) +91-11-23385783
Shri D. P. Singh (DDG (E)) +91-11-23383840
Shri Manoj Gupta (DDG (E)) +91-11-23383312
Shri R. K. Verma (DDG (E)) +91-11-23385385
Shri Mukesh Kumar Garhwal (DDG (E)) +91-11-23385377
Shri Jayant M. Kharche (DDG (E)) +91-11-28835370
Shri Y. K. Singh (DDG (E)) +91-11-23071189
Shri Anurag Kulshreshta (DDG (E)) +91-11-23386721
Shri Shyam Narain Singh (DDG (IT)) +91-11-23097540
Mrs. Rashmi Pradhan (DDG) +91-11-23389756
Shri O. K. Sharma (DDG (E)) +91-11-23385298
Shri L.R. Vishwanath (DDG (P)) +91-11-23384993
Shri Rajshekhar Vyas (DDG (P)) +91-11-23383569
Dr. A. Surya Prakash (CHAIRMAN)   +91-11-23753687/ 23737589
Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore (Retd.), AVSM +91-11-2338 1193 / 2338 1194
Shri Venkaiah Naidu (MINISTER FOR INFORMATION & BROADCASTING) +91-11-2338 4782 / 2338 4340 / 2338 7837 /2338 6892
Shri Rajeev Singh (FINANCE) +91-11-23352551
Shri J. K. Chandira +91-11-23386603
Dr. Amarpreet Duggal (CVO) +91-11-23386718
Shri Rajiv Sinha (DDA)  +91-11-23386745


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DD Direct Plus Email Address

Customer must send their complaint or grievances via mail to-

DD Direct Plus Head Office Address

# No: Copernicus Marg,
Mandi House, State: Delhi, India
Pin Code – 110001

Official website: www.ddindia.gov.in

About DD Direct Plus

DD direct plus is the DTH that is direct-to home service provider. It offers various facilities to its customers that are satellite television and audio programming for the household purposes and business. This service gives tough competition to its competitor these are able TV and DTH service provider as Dish TV, Sun Direct, and Tata Sky.  In the year 2004 Prime Minister of India has thought to start direct-to home DTH service by using INSAT-4B Satellite at 93.5º E.

DD Direct plus provides 57 TV channels and 23 radio channels in which 22 is based on DD and other remaining are private channels. For getting this service all you need to pay the charges once in the month. DD Direct plus is owned by the government of India. It was started up by the government in Dec 16, 2004. As this service provided by the government of India to the vast number of people that’s why it is operated in India only.

No doubt that It is one of the largest organizations of broadcasting in India in terms of studios & transmitters. It offer wide range of programmes such as news, current affairs, documentaries on science, art, culture, environment, social issues, serials, music, dance, drama and feature films.

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