Ways to Increase HDFC Credit Card Limit | Online Process, Card Upgrade

Ways to Increase HDFC Credit Card Limit

Ways to Increase HDFC Credit Card LimitIf you are addicted to use credit card and find it a really convenient means to pay for your expenses, here are several Ways to Increase HDFC Credit Card Limit. Well, the credit card limit is increased periodically based on its usage and repayment records. However, one can also ask to the bank through online process, to increase their card limit.

Besides opting for ‘Limit Enhancement’ feature of the bank, one can also apply for ‘Card Upgrade’, enabling the users to upgrade their card with more eye-catching features along with increasing credit limit.

To boost up the credit card limit, you should be a responsible card user who makes payments on time and then only the credit issuing bank may consider your request to increase your credit card limit assigned to your credit account.

Ways to Increase HDFC Credit Card Limit

Cases When The Bank Approaches You

Whenever someone uses the credit card or makes payment or is defaulting on payment, all the details are updated by the credit issuers into his/ her credit rating agency database and on the basis of this information, a credit score is produced against the user’s permanent account number, commonly called PAN.

A person having good Credit Score or CIBIL score is more likely to get a call or an SMS/email from the bank to increase the previously assigned credit limit. The bank approaches itself to credit card users if they are performing good deeds by making payment on time and using credit card properly. Increase in income is also considered to be the most important ingredient which the bank take into account before enhancing the credit limit.

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Remember To Read The Terms & Conditions   

If you receive any notice from the bank to increase the credit limit, before accepting, make sure you’ve read all the terms and conditions, changes in annual payment / fee and other such essential information. If you need some time to think about such deal or want to convey your acceptance, you can deliver your message to the customer care team of HDFC Bank.

Once you have given your acceptance, your HDFC credit limit will be increased automatically. The same can be checked in your netbanking account or in the new credit card bill statement.

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Time Taken By Bank To Issue New Credit Card With Upgraded Limit

After applying for credit card limit up-gradation, the bank will send you on your registered address, a new credit card containing a new number. You will get your newly generated credit card within 7-10 working days.

Although all the information of your old credit card will be linked with your new card, but only some percentage of old card reward points will be transferred to your new card. This percentage will depend on the type of credit card you are using.

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Increase HDFC Credit Card Limit Through Online Process

If in case you want to enhance your card limit, but the bank didn’t approach you even after using it for a year or 6 months, you can request for the same using your net banking account. To avail this service, login to your account and press on “Credit Card” tab and from there select “Card upgrade with enhancement”.

After accessing this service, you’ll get to know which of your existing cards is eligible for limit enhancement or card up-gradation. Select the eligible card and press on “Continue” to send your request to the HDFC Bank. As soon as the back receives your request, it will send you a confirmation message.

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Increase HDFC Credit Card Limit Through Offline Mode

You can also convey your request for credit card limit enhancement or card upgrade through HDFC Customer Care Number that is 1800-266-4332. However, if you receive a reply stating that you are ineligible for such limit enhancement, you can send your income increment slip to the bank with a duly signed letter requesting for limit enhancement.

Salaried employees need to attach a self-attested copy of recent salary slip plus a photocopy of office ID card. If you are self employed, send a copy of latest income tax returns and PAN with computation of income.

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So these are the Ways to Increase HDFC Credit Card Limit, for more updated facts, stay in touch with us through our web portal.

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