How To Check CIBIL Score Using Pan Card – Steps Free CIBIL Score Report

How To Check CIBIL Score Using Pan Card

How To Check CIBIL Score Using Pan CardCIBIL score is a three-digit numeric summary indicating the credit history of a credit card holder. This limit can be checked by the credit card users with or without their PAN card. Today, we are discussing the topic “How To Check CIBIL Score Using Pan Card” for those customers who want to increase their credit card limit.

By using these simple steps, one can easily extract CIBIL Score Report free of cost. CIBIL score is generated against the user’s permanent account number (PAN). Any payment made through credit card or default payment of interest, all these information are updated into the card user’s rating agency database on the basis of which CIBIL score is prepared.

How To Check CIBIL Score Using Pan Card

Now it’s possible to check CIBIL Score by providing your personal details for authentication including your PAN card number. After entering the details, payment of fee and authentication, you can acquire your actual credit score.

You can opt for one of 3 updates on your CIBIL score. You can get a quarterly update (4 times a year), biannual (twice a year) or buy a one-time subscription to learn your score. On CIR, you can obtain the entire information related to credit repayment history, details of loan/credit accounts under your name, and various other personal basic details.

Appliers are advised that credit score of 750 or above is excellent in order to qualify for a loan or card. Once first stage is completed, lenders access your credit report to get a more detailed picture of your repayment behavior. But you need to remember this!!

Credit Score of 750 = Easy approval on Loans/Credit Card!

How To Check CIBIL Score Using Pan Card?

Appliers for the loan or credit card can check their credit score by entering their basic details along with the PAN Card Number. Afterwards, you are required to make the payment of fee to access the credit score. “CIBIL can provide free credit card score, if you are checking credit card once-a-year.” Follow the presented hassle free steps to check CIBIL Score Using Pan Card!!!

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Step 1: Tell Us About Yourself

  • First of all, appliers need to enter the requisite details such as email address, PAN, date of birth, gender etc.
  • Later, you have to read the terms and conditions in appropriate manner.
  • Satisfied person with the conditions need to tick the box as presented in image.
  • Lastly, you have to press “Proceed to payment” tab.

Step 2: Payment of CIBIL SCORE Fee 

  • After the completion of entering the details, you are required to pay the fee.
  • Appliers can pay the requisite fee Via Net Banking / Debit Credit / Cash Card.

Step 3: CIBIL SCORE Authentication

Last but not the least; appliers need to answer 3-5 questions about your Loans & Credit Cards.

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Alternative Method To Check CIBIL Score by using the PAN Card

  • First of all, you need to visit CIBIL’s official website that is
  • Now go to the top right option on the home page and press ‘Get Your Credit Score’, or Press Here
  • On the new page, choose a subscription method (if applicable)
  • After that you need to enter your PAN Card number, e-mail address and Date of Birth
  • Next, select you gender and enter the captcha code in the empty space.
  • Go through the terms and condition and press on “Procced to Payment”

If in case you had checked your CIBIL Score previously, you just need to use your e-mail ID and password to get updated information about your credit score. If you are a new user who is checking the credit card information for the first time, you will be taken to the payment page when you access the official website. After making the payment you can quickly select the delivery mode of the score and report.

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Why is PAN Card details are required to check the CIBIL Score?

Appliers, who don’t have PAN Card can still request for their CIBIL Score by using the identity proof number mentioned on the Passport, Voter ID, or the Driver’s Licence but PAN Card has it’s own identification which is well presented below, so please check it!!

  • PAN Card is an ordinary document to identify the individuals by just using distinctive PAN Card number.
  • Mostly, PAN of individuals are linked with all financial and bank accounts.
  • Credit Bureaus can easily locate your details proficiently with the help of PAN.
  • It is noted by the individual that is they use their PAN Card number for screening your CIBIL score; it is not used for any other purpose other than locating your credit information and authenticating it by using associated details.

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How can we know that our CIBIL SCORE is Perfect?

Appliers can know about their accurate CIBIL SCORE in an easiest way. If they score ranges are as following, it means they are able to apply for loan or credit card, so let’s have a look!!

  • Your CIBIL Trans Union Score ranges must be between 300 and 900.
  • 79% of the loans approved are for individuals with a score greater than 750.
  • Higher your CIBIL Trans Union Score, higher are your chances of Loan Approval.

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Final Words!!

By reading this article of How To Check CIBIL Score Using Pan Card, you can check your credit score well in advance. You will get enough time to improve your score and rebuild your credit profile before you apply for the loan and avoid the risk of loan-rejection with its help. For more informative facts, stay in touch with us through our web portal that is

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