Birth Certificate Punjab | Apply for ਜਨਮ ਪ੍ਰਮਾਣ ਪੱਤਰ – Correction/Verification

Birth Certificate Punjab

Birth Certificate PunjabIn India, it is compulsory under the law to register every birth by receiving Birth Certificate. Here is step by step process for receiving Birth Certificate Punjab. In case of Correction/Verification in ਜਨਮ ਪ੍ਰਮਾਣ ਪੱਤਰ, you may apply for it.

Any member of the family can apply for Birth Certificate Punjab by following simple process as prescribed on this page. Birth must be registered within 20 days from the birth of the child.

The Executive Officer under the Municipalities Act is responsible for managing Birth Certificate In Punjab in urban areas. Besides this, The Civil Surgeon acts as a District Registrar for administering Birth & Death certificate in rural areas.

Birth Certificate Punjab

Eligibility norms for Birth Certificate Punjab:

Any member of the family can enroll for Online Birth Certificate Punjab.

Department Concerned for Birth Certificate Punjab:

For Urban areas:

 The Executive Officer under the Municipalities Act is the Assistant Registrar (Birth & Death).

For Rural areas:

 The Civil Surgeon acts as a District Registrar (Birth & Death).

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List of Documents to apply for Online Birth Certificate In Punjab:

  • Application Form
  • Fee Receipt/Copy of Challan if paid in the Treasury

How to Apply For Birth Certificate Online Punjab?

  • Birth Certificate Punjab Gurdaspur form are available free of cost. You may collect form from office of the Registrar (Births & Deaths).
  • Another way is to download it by visiting
  • After this, you may enter required details in application form.
  • Sign on it & submit it to concerned authorities.
  • Cashier/clerk/computer operator is responsible for receiving application with required fee.
  • You may collect receipt from him.
  • Make payment of fee in treasury on treasury challan form T.R.6.
  • In this way, you may collect your Birth Certificate In English In Punjab personally or by post.

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Birth Certificate Punjab Verification Procedure:

  • In case of birth, details as listed in form are verified from actual records of nursing homes and hospitals.
  • If condition arises, birth is not registered within 20 days, then registration is done on verification organized via revenue authorities.

Prescribed Time Schedule:

Punjab Birth Certificate is issued to the applicant in 7 working days.

Fee Prescribed for Punjab Birth Certificate Online:

  • Fee for one copy of Certificate: Rs.2/-
  • Search fees for one year: Rs.1/-

Information about Date Of Birth Certificate Punjab:

  • Birth must be registered within 20 days from the birth of the child.
  • If situation arises, birth is not registered within 20 days, for this case, the registration is made on verification as prescribed via revenue authorities.
  • For urban areas, births are also handled by the nursing homes and hospitals.
  • Medical officer incharge is headed with responsibility to register for it if birth occurs in a hospital, health centre, and maternity home in urban areas.

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Addresses of Concerned Officers:

Civil Surgeon cum District Registrar, Births and Deaths at District Level for Rural Area

Executive Officer/Local Registrar, Births and Deaths in Municipal Committee for Urban Area

Grievance Redressal System:

In case you face any sort of query, then contact for it.

Civil Surgeon cum District Registrar (Death and Birth)
Chief Registrar, Births & Deaths and
Director Health & Family Welfare, Punjab,
Parivar Kalyan Bhawan,
Sector 34-A, Chandigarh

Visit Here: Official Website

Hope, you get all details about Birth Certificate Punjab. By following above process, you may apply for Birth Certificate Online Punjab.

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