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Birth Certificate Online     

Birth Certificate is a mandatory document that is used for Passport Application, Getting employment, Establishing one’s age with any institution, seeking admission in educational institutes etc. Birth Certificate Online is available on eServices Portal while you can reach to the Municipal Corporation also.

Individuals can Check Birth Certificate Online Apply Procedure as well as Birth Certificate Online for all states at the beneath section. Apart from getting Birth Certificate for all states, you can be familiar with the Benefits of Online Birth Certificate as it is an access to the world of Health care, implies education for a kid (admission to school), Provide protection and others.

Individuals wants to make correction in their Birth Certificate Online, they can check the complete Procedure also here. It is informed to the citizens that they can avail more details regarding Birth Certificate by moving their cursor downwards on this page easily.

Birth Certificate Online

Birth Certificate Check Online of various locations here!! With the help of following Online Birth Certificate UP, you can be aware from some other details regarding the Certificates also, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead as soon as possible!!

Birth Certificate Telangana Birth Certificate Indore Online
Birth Certificate in Tamilnadu Birth Certificate Bangalore
Online Birth Certificate in Haryana Birth Certificate Tirunelveli 
Kerala Birth Certificate Birth Certificate in Delhi 
Birth Certificate Chennai Birth Certificate Hyderabad
UP Birth Certificate Birth Certificate Punjab
Birth Certificate Mumbai

How To Get Birth Certificate Online?

In order to Apply for Birth Certificate Online, individuals are required to follow below mentioned hassle free steps in appropriate manner.

Step 1: Online Birth Certificate Registration

  • At the first and foremost step, you have to go for the Birth Certificate Online Registration.
  • The form is accessible from the registrar’s office (from municipal authority) while you can visit to the eServices Portal of the State also.

Step 2: Download Birth Certificate Online

  • At the time of birth of the child in a hospital, the Medical Officer In-charge provides the form to the parents that you have to fill and submit within 21 days of birth of the child.
  • Individuals can download Birth Certificate Online also as per their states by going through the above provided links.

Step 3: Birth Certificate Online Verification

  • If in case birth of a child is not registered within 21 days, birth certificate is issued to the parents after police verification.
  • After completion of the verification process by the registrar (date, parent’s ID proof, time, place of birth, nursing home etc. records), birth certificate is issued to the parents.

Step 4: Birth Certificate Online Status

  • After 7 days, Individuals can check the status of Birth Certificate Online Application or visit the municipal authority.
  • The applier need to give a self-addressed envelope at the municipality office to finally get the birth certificate by posted to the respective address within 7–14 working days.

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Documents Required To Get A Birth Certificate

Citizens, keen to Apply Birth Certificate Online are advised to check the following documents to get certificate, so please have a glance at once.

  • Parents birth certificates
  • Proof of birth letter in hospital
  • Parents’ identity proof (for verification)
  • Marriage certificate of the parents

Birth Certificate Online

Use of Date Of Birth Certificate Online:

It is informed to the citizens that Birth Certificate Online will use for the following activities, so keep it safely. You must keep Duplicate Birth Certificate also along with the original copy for future use.

  • Passport Application.
  • Getting employment.
  • Establishing one’s age with any institution.
  • Seeking admission in educational institutes.
  • Immigration needs like applying for Green Card.
  • Claiming social security benefits (e.g. health schemes).
  • Obtaining certified documents such as Voter’s ID, Marriage Certificate, Driving License, Passport, etc.

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Benefits of Online Birth Certificate:

Chennai Corporation Gov Online Civic Services Birth Certificate is benefitted you in various ways that well presented at the beneath section in points.

  • An access to the world of Health care.
  • Implies education for a kid (admission to school).
  • Provide protection.
  • Provide inheritance.
  • Creates a permanent record of existence.
  • Ascertains the right to vote.
  • Important for employment, for obtaining visa of foreign countries and claiming the right to marry after attaining marriageable age.
  • Required for obtaining other important governmental documents.

Birth Certificate Correction Online

In order to make corrections in Birth Certificate Apply Online, you need to check the following details. Here we have provided the various types to correct mistakes in Birth Certificate Online.

How To Change Parents Name In Birth Certificate Online Mumbai?

  • Request Letter from the person whose name has to be corrected
  • Photo ID of Parents
  • Joint Affidavit of Parents
  • Educational document of the Parent whose name has to be corrected

Name Inclusion In Birth Certificate Online:

Below 6 years

  • Birth Application & Name inclusion Form (Available Free-of-cost at BBMP Office) to be signed by Parents only
  • Hospital Discharge Copy OR Birth Certificate, if previously obtained
  • Photo ID of Applicant

Above 6 years

  • Study Certificate from School which contains Child’s name, Father’s name & Mother’s name and Date of Birth OR
  • Any educational document which contains Child’s name, Parents’ Name and Date of Birth
  • Hospital Discharge Copy /previously obtained Birth Certificate

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Where Do You Get MCD Online Birth Certificate?

When The Birth Has Taken Place In A House

The head of the house in which a birth has taken place or nearest relative of the head of the House or oldest person in the family or Anganwadi Sewika or Chawkidar should inform the concerned registrar.

When The Birth Has Taken Place Outside The House

When occurrence took place in a Sadar Hospital/Sub-Divisional Hospital/Medical College Hospital/Referral Hospital people will get Birth Certificate Delhi Online from the same concern as the deputy superintendent of the hospitals and officer’s In-charge of referral hospital and PHCs are denoted as registrar for their jurisdiction.

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In Maternity Home And Other Like Institution

  • Medical officer In-charge is responsible to inform the occurrence to concerned Registrar and will obtain Birth Certificate Online AP from the registrar and hand it over the person.
  • The medical officer In-charge can take a self-addressed stamped envelope from the beneficiaries at the time of discharge of patient.
  • If a baby is born to a family who has come from a foreign country and has moved to India with the motive to settle down in India, the birth registration can be done within sixty days of their arrival to that place.
  • It will be treated as if occurrence has been taken within 21 days.
In a Jail  Jail In-charge is informer.
In a Dharmshala, Boarding House etc  Person In-charge is informer.
In a Moving Vehicle  Person In-charge of the
Vehicle is informer.
Found deserted in a public place  Headman of the Village/In-charge
of the local police station is informer.

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Final Note!!

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