Aadhaar Payment App | BHIM Aadhaar – How To Use Cashless Pay App

Aadhaar Payment App

With a motive to enhance the digitalized payment system, the prime minister, Narendra Modi has introduced an Aadhaar Payment App that will let you to do cashless payment. Undoubtedly, BHIM Aadhaar that is bharat interface for money is a great tool for all digitalized payments. Now the question arises is how to use cashless pay app.

Well, with the details discussed on this page will let you know about Aadhaar payment app benefits and much more. BHIM Aadhaar payment application can be download from the Google play store as well as from iOS App store. The users will also get the rewards for using BHIM app.

According to the sources, the facilities of Aadhaar pay will be now restricted to the rural areas in which people are obtaining welfare payments from the government. The fascinating part is that BHIM Aadhaar Pay app can be used even on low cost phone of 1000-1500 Rs as well.

Aadhaar Payment App

Steps To Download Aadhaar Cashless Pay App

Through Aadhaar Payment App, you can make Aadhaar-linked digital payments. Follow the given steps in order to download Aadhaar Payment App in your smartphones.

  • First of all, you need to go through Google Play Store and type in “Aadhar Payment App”.
  • Read all the instructions with full caution as they are few in terms of size in which no heavy processor is obligatory. Now, agree to all the stated terms and conditions.
  • It’s the time to tap on “Download” button. Within few seconds, Aadhaar payment app is being downloading in your android smartphones.
  • Now, read all the onscreen instructions in order to install Aadhaar pay app with full caution and safety.
  • Congratulations!!! Aadhaar Payment App is successfully installed in your android phones.


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How to use IDFC Aadhaar Cashless Pay App?

For using Aadhaar Cashless App, you need to connect your smartphones to the biometric scan machine so that it accepts the payments. For this, you need to connect to banks accounts so as to register yourself.

In order to download the Aadhaar cashless merchant app on your smartphones, you need to pay Rs 2,000 for biometric reader. This technology provides ease and convenience as you can pay for anything, anywhere.

As a Customer

Aadhaar linked bank account & your thumb print is needed for using IDFC Aadhaar Cashless Pay App as a customer.

As a Merchant

  • Android smartphone with a reliable internet connection
  • Current account with IDFC Bank (to where the money will be collected) & the IDFC

Benefits Of BHIM Aadhaar Pay

  • It makes authenticate and reliable transactions which are free from biasness as it uses biometric scans methods.
  • No need to download wallet apps anymore.
  • Reliable, apparent and more accessible procedure so as to make transactions while sitting at home.
  • No need to worry for stacks of plastic money.
  • Triumph over the fear of hacking passwords as it does not make use of plastic cards.
  • With the help of Aadhaar card number, all the transactions are Authenticate and free from biasness or any other defaults.
  • Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is used.
  • Now, immediate online dealings can be made by merchants as well as consumers without installing apps such as Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge etc.
  • Aadhaar Payment App does not require any fees. So, both rich as well as poor segments of the society can make used of it.


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BHIM Aadhar Pay App Download

Aadhaar cashless pay app is basically for the merchants/shopkeepers. They need to get install the BHIM app in order to make payment by linking Aadhaar number with their bank account. To receive payment from customers, merchants need to download the Aadhar payment application form their linked bank account with the help of biometric scan. Aadhar merchant payment app will provide enormous benefits to users.

This is all the complete details about Aadhaar payment app. Stay connected with us at customer-carenumber.com for interesting facts like this.

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